Saying "Yes!" to adoption takes so much courage.

It wasn't that long ago I wrote a post about my friends Dave and Vicki who were on a quest to adopt from the Congo. I wanted to help raise money for them to adopt from Africa but I'm happy to report that they have raised ALL the money needed to adopt! Tomorrow their "YES!" becomes very real...they are boarding the plane to the Congo and bringing home not one, but two children! Words cannot describe how proud I am to be friends with this family.

They are normal in every way, I took this portion from their adoption blog:

Who: Dave and Vicki, Mom and Dad to 5 kids (three with us and two in the Congo (DRC) What: He: Administrative (catch-all) Pastor She: Registered Nurse When: married since 1998 Where: Minnesota Why: All for Jesus

We’re a family who are simply following the Lord. It’s been a crazy few years of letting go of our desires and embracing His. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We have three kids. Delaney is our 9 year old and our firstborn. She is all about having a good time. Jude is 7 and is a cool guy. Eliza is our baby at 4 years old. She is the eyes and ears of our home. She keeps us all in line.

Here's a video of them telling their story! Yeah, I know, cutest family ever right?

Their courage to say sets them apart and makes the extraordinary.

While they are gone...I'll be praying. When they come home...I'll be praying. When these kids grow up...I'll be praying.

I love adoption.



Noemi Hedrick

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