Adriah flying the plane???

I was going back over my vacation pictures and decided I had to blog what happening on our flight back from South Carolina...We boarded with the first class passengers (because with two kids we need "extra time" to get settled) and on our way in the pilot falls in love with Adriah and asks her if she would like to fly the plane? Since 911 I barely look at the pilot let alone ask if it's possible to see the you remember the good'ol days? I was shocked and so excited for Adriah. Matt took Leyton to our seats and I stayed to watch. This pilot was so kind...he taught her how to turn the wheel, look at flight maps, holler out the window at the guys below, and push buttons to make the plane go. After a few minutes he turns to me and says, "Don't you want to take any pictures?" Funny question huh? I had my two huge cameras and lenses in my backpack and didn't want to take them out to turn this wonderful moment into a full fledged photo shoot! But, now I had too! It was kinda embarrassing cause now the rest of the passengers were boarding and I must of looked like the biggest over achiever mom ever! family_portraits-00013




At the end the pilot asks Adriah if she wants to talk to her Daddy? He hands her the phone and tells her to talk. So, on the loud speaker Matt hears Adriah say, " Hi  Daddy, I'm on the airplane. I got a map incase we get lost!" It was so cute!

Thank you Northwest for such a sweet memory!

Noemi Hedrick

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