My baby started kindergarten this week.

I've been so busy i haven't really slowed down to think about Adriah starting school. My little girl...She was so ready. She barely looked up to say goodbye. I'm so proud of her. There is something really beautiful about watching her at this stage. I think she knows that this is the beginning of something great. She is going where Leyton and Clara can't and that makes it more special. She's alone in this and she's happy making new friends along the way. But, there's a part of me that's torn...I want her for myself. I still want to have a say, pour into her and help her know the truth about who she is and what life is really about. I want to be a part of this growing/changing process. I know in the years to come I will have less and less influence and this is the right order of things...but knowing that mean I want to make the most out of every moment.

Last night when we were praying before she went to bed she said, "God I need to tell you something...tomorrow is - what's that girls name who sits across from me? Ohh, Brianna! - tomorrow is Brianna's birthday and I really want to have fun at school!"


I want to be there and see how she shines. She's changing in front of me but, yet I still see the 1,2,3,4 year old when I look into those brown eyes. You know?

I think the whole change has been the hardest on Leyton. He cries every time we drop Adriah off and asks to be done when we're in line to pick her up (an hour every time!) He's been really whiny and i think it's his 2 year old way of saying, "I miss my sister." Break my heart. I'm cuddling (and wrestling) a little more these days to make up for it!

Here's some pictures from her first day! (It could be an advertisement for the school but her and Avery are so stinkin' cute!)

Noemi Hedrick

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