Billy Graham Library

I don't know if you've heard but the Billy Graham Evangelical Association just opened a library/museum in Charlotte. My brother-in-law, John, is a lawyer there and encouraged us to check it out. It was incredible! I learned so many things...

Did you know that:

1. Billy Graham was an incredible baseball player and turned down that career path for ministry.

2. He's met and given counsel to 11 presidents. (3 of them were present at the library's opening last week!)

3. Took the gospel to every continent of the world. One crusade in Korea was the largest gathering on people ever recorded...over 1 million came to hear him speak.

4. Was instrumental in helping unity in the south. He wouldn't do crusades unless they intregated the churches and when they did it brought incredible healing.

5. Father of 5 who are all in ministry. I love that his legacy and mission passes to his kids!

AND my favorite FUN FACT: the house Billy Graham grew up in was moved from it's original location; brick by brick they rebuilt his childhood home in front of the library!


You can walked through the house and see how he grew up!


Here's the Library/barn...


My grandma thinks the world of Billy Graham. When I was 19 I helped out with a Crusade in Toronto and I had the awesome opportunity to meet him...I remember telling my Grandma and she beamed with pride.

Here's Grandma Jeanne (Matt's mom) and G. G. - as Adriah calls stands for Great Grandma (Matt's Grandma).


Below: look for Ruth's engagement ring...


More Graham family pictures...


I thought this one was funny. Weird to think of Billy Graham sharing an advertisement with Elvis :) isn't it?


An almost real looking cow is one of the first things that greet you as you enter the library. It's there because Billy's dad was a dairy farmer...and cause it makes kids laugh!


If you're even in the Charlotte area, definitely worth going! AND it's free!

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