Black Friday Shopping Tips!

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Posted: 22 Nov 2010 08:04 AM PST

These seven Black Friday shopping tips can help you find the great deals when so much of what is on sale is pure hype. Personally, I focus on buying the household essentials my family needs that sell at rock bottom prices and frequenting my favorite consignment store and thrift shop where crowds are sparse and deals abound.

1. Browse the Ads Early

Websites like A Full Cup have compiled sales flyers for most major retailers. Taking time to look at the various sale prices allows you to confirm where the best deals can be had, but you may be able to use a store’s price adjustment policy to your benefit.

2. Price Adjust

Some retailers, like Target, will issue you a refund if an item you buy goes on sale for less during the week you bought it or the week following. If you see something will be on sale on Black Friday, you could pick it up earlier in the week while it’s in stock and crowds are thin. Then Friday morning just bring your receipt to Customer Service to get your refund for the price difference. (See Target’s price adjustment policy for complete details)

3. Price Match

With some advanced planning you could also take advantage of store’s price matching policy. When a store offers price matching they will match the price on an identical item advertised for less at a competitor. On Black Friday there are some modifications to stores price matching policies: Target won’t price match time-limited sales or items advertised as being sold in a limited quantity and Best Buy won’t price match at all the weekend after Thanksgiving. Walmart’s standard price matching policy remain in effect.

4. Know if You Are Getting a Deal

As you plan your purchases, it is important to know whether an advertised sale price really is a great deal or if it is a run-of-the-mill sale. has a mobile app that compares Black Friday sale prices to regular sale prices. Invisible Hand is a free browser plug-in that shows you what any item you search for online is selling for at other major websites as well as informing about the sale price history.

5. Avoid Impulse Shopping

Stores offer a select set of items at deeply discounted prices, but the vast majority of merchandise in the store is not at a rock bottom price. Retailers often place their doorbusters and amazing sales in the back of the store so that you have to walk by everything else to get there. They hope you lack self-control and pick up one, two or twelve other items on your quest for a great deal.

6. Buy For Yourself

Holiday sales, starting on Black Friday, include all sort of things you may need for yourself. Personal care items, diapers, baby food, clothes, electronics and other things will likely be on sale at or near rock bottom prices so take advantage and buy things your household needs. Take comfort too, as the National Retail Federation says over 57% of people will leverage holiday sales by purchasing items for themselves.

7. Online Shopping as an Alternative

If you want to avoid the crowds all together, don’t forget that Monday, November 29 is Cyber Monday. Online retailers will offer amazing deals all day long and in years past they rivaled the deals found on Black Friday.  Pocket Your Dollars shares the very best online deals on Cyber Monday and every day.

Your turn: What are your Black Friday shopping tips and tricks?

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