Boy names

Well, I asked your opinion a few months back and trust me...I've been through your list of suggestions several times. We have a name we both like but can't agree on the spelling. Sounds dumb but, it might be the reason we don't use the name. Matt and I are both strong personalities and that's just the way it is. Someone left a comment asking about when we'll announce the name and the way we did it for Adriah was we found out what we were having and told everyone but, we wanted to have something really special to be able to announce at her birth (the date, time, weight and height just didn't cut it!) So, we kept the name a secret until the minute she arrived. We liked that method and we're going to use it again! So, I guess you'll have to keep reading and stay posted for the official word!

Thanks for all your suggestions.

Noemi Hedrick

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