City Wide Sextuplets Shower (FOND du LAC, WI)

I'm amazed at the generousity of normal people! Not the obviously rich, but those who have a little something to give and chose to because their heart is moved! I have been shocked by the overwhelming response the Morrisons have received! I talked to Brianna yesterday and at the shower this weekend they received:

-6 pack-n-plays

-3 of the 6 carseats

-Digital video camera

-Tons of clothes!

-And more...

Some who attended the shower know Ryan and Brianna personally and some had never met them doesn't seem to matter. We can all see that this is miracle and we're happy to be a part of it!

We could focus on what they still need, but instead I thought I'd relay how blessed Ryan and Brianna felt! I'd like to add my thanks to everyone who has taken the time to go to and fill out the "How To Help" inquiry.

I'm smiling...excited to be playing a small part in this! I can't wait to meet these little ones!

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