The cutest little store in Prior Lake, MN

I've been promising this post for a while and the truth is I took pictures of this gorgeous little shop ("Camille on Rouge") and I can't find them. Every time I go to post it I want to try looking again cause they would compliment the words so nicely. but. alas, I have decided you need to know about this or not!
I found this jewel on it's opening night and I plan to go regularly. I bought the perfect piece for my entrance and went back for a weathered folding chair for my porch! After talking with the owner I asked her if she wouldn't mind sharing her story with me so I could post it on my blog. HERE IT IS! The making of "Camille on Rouge"...from Camille herself!
"A few things about me...I moved from Mankato in 2000.  We lived in Savage for 7 years.  During that time I started a decorating business out of my home and a became a Master Gardener from the University of MN.  I volunteered for Scott County. I have a passion for decorating my home and garden.  When I get bored I start house shopping.  We moved to PL in 2007.  This is my 6th house.  I chose the house for me and the golf course for my husband.  We live in the Wilds on the 17th fairway.
For the past couple of years I have been a dealer with a bunch of women at an occasional sale in Shakopee.  I have always wanted my own shop of some kind.  Dreamed of having an Italian restaurant. My husband always said no. When I graduated from high school I wanted to go to college to be an artist.  My dad laughed me and told me I would not make any money.  So I did not go to school, got a job at 3M in accounting and worked Corporate America for 25 years.
The junk I was accumulating around the house and garage was getting to my husband.  He wanted his third stall in the garage back...Mark called me one day in January of this year and told me he found me a store to lease.  He knew it had to be in PL in order for me to be happy...  Close to home, 3 miles to be exact.
My friend Sue said I had to use my name in the business because I would be famous someday...  Funny girl!  Red is my favorite color, I love French decor and I was lying in bed one nite unable to sleep and was thinking about the movie "Molin Rouge".  That is how "Camille on Rouge" became...

My website is almost ready to publish and I just started Facebook... Hope to see you soon!"  Camille

When you go visit tell her you read about the store on my blog. She's going to love my readers!

Noemi Hedrick

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