Edventure Children's Museum

Matt and I took Adriah to a gorgeous children's museum an hour away from where we're staying. The funniest thing to us was the museum was featuring a "snow" exhibit and that was Adriah's favorite part! LOL. We fly across the country to get to warmer weather and she's missing the cold and snow! Here's some of the pictures we took from the day! Adriah is forced to say cheese...


Pretend camping...


Do we have a future dentist in the family...


Going shopping in a store her size...


Dancing in the snow...



AND for my family...in Canada that keeps asking about my growing belly...I had Matt take some of me today. Being away, I've kinda lost track of what week I am...I think I'm at 24 weeks. I definitely feel bigger this time around and this little boy is a mover and a shaker! YIKES! Pregnancy pictures are funny...it's weird to go against the culture and say, "Here's how big I am? Isn't it cute?"



Noemi Hedrick

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