i feel like blogging...

I've been blogging for a couple of years now and sometimes I blog because I need to process...this will be one of those times. Last night my two year old boy (Leyton) woke up 3am with a fever of 101 degrees. After throwing up I brought him into the bathroom to clean him up and he had a seizure in front of me. I've heard of this happening to other mom's but, let me tell you hearing about it and seeing your kid go through it are very different things. The seizure was fever induced...I didn't know what was happening or what I should do. So, I just kept my hands on him and kept saying his name praying that he would come back to me. I've never had that feeling before. It was only about 30-45 seconds but it felt like eternity before his eyes focused and he looked into mine. I felt so helpless. I called the nurse hotline and they recommended we take him to Children's Hospital. So, at 4am we dropped off Adriah at a friend's house and took Leyton and Clara to the emergency room. I love Children's Hospital but it holds many painful memories for both Matt and I...all those memories come back every time we're there and this time we were there for our own child.

He's fine now. We came home around 7am with the recommendation of getting a CATscan and an MRI next week...just to be sure. He continues to run a fever and doesn't want to eat but, i can tell he's on the mend.

I take comfort in the truth that my children are not my own. They belong to the Lord. I've dedicated each one to Him and He's entrusted me to be their mom - for a time. It is my deepest delight and heaviest burden. My responsibility is to keep praying for my son. That I can do.


Noemi Hedrick

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