"Garden...if I plant you will you grow?"

Every year around this time I get inspired! (Not that hard because I'm easily inspired.) I dream about having a veggie and herb garden. I've tried herbs for several years now and I get a pretty good return but, tomatoes have been the thorn in my side. 3 years running and one tomato is all I got! Not all my fault (vacations, storms, calcium deficiency, forgetting to water, not weeding, being busy with having babies and taking care of them etc.) but, none the less, it's dampened my zeal. But, there is something beautiful about growing your own garden. It makes me feel smart, like I'm providing for my family and I'm an accomplished home maker...it's the little things right? If it works yes...if it's doesn't...yikes!

So, I'm gearing up to try again. Only this time I've asked for help! Noble idea. Two of our friends want to join in on the venture. YEAH! It's going to be the perfect partnership...We have the space and they have the knowledge. This is going to be the year!

I have no idea what we're going to plant but I will keep you posted. I might even take pictures of the process.

I hope this is inspiring for you. Have you tried before and had success OR are you like me? and you start out strong and have nothing to write home about? Then you end up at farmer's market?

If you are an expert what tips can you give me? What should we grow? What is the most resilient veggie? ANY ADVICE IS WELCOME!

What some helpful hints from the experts? here's the websites i've found helpful.




Now I just need to swamp in my backyard to drain...SUN PLEASE!


Noemi Hedrick

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