Grandma Jeanne...and Grandpa Tony!

There's nothing like the feeling of other people loving your kids! We have been so blessed by this! Especially by Grandparents. Jeanne finds something special to do with Adriah every time she visits. This last time they sewed a stuffed animal together...from scratch! Adriah loves the crafty one-on-one time and soaks up the attention.

family photography-23

family photography-24

I have to comment on how proud I am of Jeanne...even though i know it will embarrass her. She just finished chemo-therapy and radiation for cancer. Through it all she grew in so many ways...I am so happy to say she is a cancer survivor! And she lives cancer free! In the process of all the treatments she lost all of her beautiful hair. But, in the weeks we spend together she got more and more bold in not wearing her wig and letting the new hair shine! I loved it! Here's probably one of the first pictures of her with her new due!


family photography-26

And Tony not bad either...I love them both dearly!

family photography-27

thank you for loving my kids the way you do!

Noemi Hedrick

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