I passed my test!

For those of you who know me...you know I'm kind of a overachiever and in my last pregnancy I was told twice that I failed my diabetes test...NOT GOOD! I've really been stressing about having to take the test again. And praying that my body would be able to balance the sugar of 2 lives better this time. Yesterday I had my first test (they test early when you've had a history of gestational diabetes) and my midwife called me with the results. The goal is to be between 70-140 but, I knew if I was close to 140 that I wouldn't pass the next test so, I was really wanted to know my number. Drum roll please...I passed with a 104! That's awesome. It makes me want to celebrate with jelly beans! LOL - totally still laughing.

I'm going to keep to eating my modified diabetic diet and hope for the best in the weeks to come. Maybe I'm only diabetic when carrying boys...another great reason to celebrate having a girl this time around!

Thanks for sharing my journey with me. Oh yah, someone asked when my actual due date was and even though I don't like to be held to due dates I'm happy to share it with you: February 21st! Keep in mind Adriah was 9 days early and Leyton was 2 1/2weeks early...So, I'll be expecting this one early too! Anytime after 37 weeks please!

I can't believe I passed my test. Seriously. i am so happy.


Noemi Hedrick

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