Last Pictures of our Vacation!

Matt and I had a little "day-date" on the lake! I haven't been kayaking in ages! It was so incredible to feel the water all around me and be able to glide through it! Lake Wylie has gorgegous homes lining the shore and it's blocks away from John and Amy's home. We walked our kayaks down and walked them back! We've been married almost 7 years and we still enjoy dating each other. img_7969-small.jpg

Adriah playing shy!


WOW! I can't believe our 2 weeks has already come to an end! I'm filled with new memories and have the pictures to prove it! Here's one of favorites of Jake! While we were here he kept asking his mom for a pink polo...just like uncle Matt! Here he is sporting his new threads :)


Lots of love for her "Boys." She runs around the house calling for them! "Boys...common."


Here's our loving host...thank you HALEY's for a fabulous 16 days of fun!


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