March Madness...I am a very competitive person!

I'm totally laughing as I write this...kinda embarrassing but who cares? Confession: I have no interest in College Basketball during year but...when March Madness hits I am in with 5 brackets as soon as the teams are chosen! WHY? I love to compete! Does this sound crazy to you? You didn't know I had this side to my personality? Well, there's more, even more then my love for my love to win!

Last night the teams were announced and you have until the first game (Thursday, I think) to pick who you think will win each game and move on to the next round. Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4 and then the Championship Game!

I love picking my teams based on my zero knowledge and watching the teams have it out and see my percentages go up and down with every game. This tournament is amazing! It's all or nothing...each team gets their shot and if they don't win THEY ARE OUT! I literally watch almost all the games and don't know who I'm wanting to win unless I look at my bracket. Funny right? Why do I do it? My husband watches basketball and is a diehard Kansas Jay Hawk fan and he would watch the tournament every year. A few years back I saw him filling out the bracket and said, "I could that!" So now we share/compete for the best score every year. I watch every game cause because I care about my team winning and he watches cause he loves basketball...everyone is happy!

Ok. Now I'm going to tell you incredible science behind the 5 brackets I filled out - the boys at the sports center desk will never forgive me! :)

1. Pick team based on the best ranking.

2. Pick team based on the best uniform color.

3. Pick team based on best away game record.

4. Pick team based on my random whim.

5. Pick team based on the team scoring average.

If you've never filled out a bracket and you have a husband that loves this tournament...think about the cuddles on the couch for the next two weeks (well, in my case that's only if my team is winning...otherwise it's separate couches for sure! You think I'm joking but I'm not.)

The other thing I love is it feels SO AMERICAN. I love that! The whole country is tuning in to watch their teams and I get to be apart of that!



Noemi Hedrick

Noemi Hedrick is a passionate wedding and portrait photographer based in Minneapolis. Noemi loves capturing the beauty inside every person. Her vibrant energy for life, love and family are grounded in her own values and loved ones. Noemi has been proudly serving as a wedding photographer for over 15 years and also offers a wide range of photography workshops for professional and amateur photographers.