More Favorites!

Hi Noemi, I love seeing others favorites.

Attached is my favorite. I took it last summer at the lake and I love it because it is so carefree and innocent. Can you tell how cold my niece in the is (redhead in the middle)? She was shivering and had massive goosebumps, but refused to get out of the water.

Thanks for letting me share. See you at Joe & Katie's wedding next weekend.



Hi Noemi,

Okay, so I have a lot of favorite photos, but here are two one of them.  The lighthouse pic reminds me of a wonderful trip to Nova Scotia with my mom, and it's so serene.  I'm also crazy for lighthouses.  The light on the door doesn't come from inside the lighthouse, but it's the sun glinting off the door in the early evening!The cormorant just happened to be posing on the post in a lake as the sun was heading down and we sailed by...beautiful!

I enjoy reading your blog.  Keep it up!




Noemi, This picture makes me SMILE in wonder at the beauty of my little nephew, when he was five months old, being held in the arms of his ninety-one-year-old great-grandfather (my grandpa). I love the comparison of the aged farmer skin to the tender newborn skin!  I see such gentle love in this picture. Thanks for letting me share! Johanna


Why didn't I think of doing this earlier? I love seeing what you're taking pictures of. I'm still getting people's favorites so I'll keep putting them up!

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