More of other people's fav PIX!

Noemi, I am sitting here thinking and looking and searching through my pictures to find my one favorite. Not possible. :) So I resorted to asking my husband what his is. The first one, the Chipmunk, is his favorite. The details and such amaze him. "They are so small" He said. The second is one of my favorites. I took it on my birthday when my husband and I hiked to a place called Lion Rock. I still don't think it's my ALL TIME favorite, but it's up there!


Kacy Johanson

This one is from my wonderful sister-in-law! The one who inspired/talked me into blogging in the first place!


The first one is so quintessentially 60s...and the birds eye view of my parents back when they were in the “hip scene” at KU’s art department is priceless. John Gary Brown gets the photo credit on this one.

The second photo is a random snapshot I took of Dylan and I love it. I call it “Visions of the Future” because I feel like he is getting a unique glimpse of himself as a bigger boy. The light and shadows are wonderful.

Love you, Rachel

Noemi Hedrick

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