My "Tax Day" Baby! He's finally here...

YES...if you're wondering why I haven't posted a blog in the last couple of days...we have had our second baby! His name is Leyton O'Neal Hedrick! Leyton is pronounced Lay-ton and means: garden or of the field and O'Neal is his dad's middle name, his grandfather's middle name and his great-grandfather's middle name...all these men were/are radical men who loved Jesus! That is a legacy we wanted Leyton to know and be a part of. After asking for all of your opinion, I hope you like our choice for his name! So, here's the short version of the story...I had a regular doctor's appointment on Tuesday and was admitted into the hospital at 3:15pm and Leyton was born at 7:28pm! It felt longer but it wasn't! He is absolutely gorgeous and has captured our hearts forever. He weighed 6lbs and 14onces and was 19 1/2 inches long...this is great for being born 16 days early :)

We came home on yesterday and he continues to do wonderful. Adriah can't get enough of him! It's so beautiful watching her "take care" of him. We're in transition and I'm wishing I could have more sleep but I wouldn't trade this for anything. I'm so happy! I can't stop kissing him. He's so tiny and's so weird to think that a couple of days ago I was pregnant and now we're a family of 4!

I'm working on all the pictures we're taken over the past few days and I'll put together a slide show soon but until then here's a couple for you to enjoy!



Here we are getting ready to leave the hospital...Leyton and "the girls!"


Isn't he beautiful?


Noemi Hedrick

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