One-on-One time...

So for those of you who are bitter that I'm on might want to skip this blog. It's a funny thing being a mom. I spend all my time with my kids but, yesterday I got to spend one-on-one time with Adriah and I got to see a whole new side of her.

We already knew that she's talks non-stop! (My sister says I need to watch the movie "Definitely, Maybe" because the little girl never stops talking either and I would laugh at the similarities!) Getting to share new things with Adriah means I get to learn about her as she reacts to each new thing. Let me give you an example: Matt stayed back with Leyton last night so Adriah and I went exploring...we went on new walking paths, played at the park, played hopscotch on the stones and ended up at a campfire. (SIDENOTE:I grew up going to camp then became a counselor as soon as I was old enough and still remember tons of songs we sang around the fire. No surprises there!) So, last night, I got to teach Adriah a classic echo song and then we made a smore to share (of course, she wanted 5 more but I cut off because the night before she was up til 10pm.)

Then to top off the day...we bought sponge curlers in Lutsen, I put them in Adriah's hair before she went to bed and she slept in them. This morning she woke up to curly hair...just like her friend Delaney! I used to  put curlers in my own hair every Saturday night so, my hair would be curly for church the next day! This may sound dumb to you but, it was really fun to do girly things with my daughter. On vacation I don't have the same responsibilities...and I'm more intentional about pouring into my daughter...I love her!

Noemi Hedrick

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