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Hi Noemi, Here's a photo I took this week. I like it because the lighting and focus draw you to Joanna's beautiful eyes.



My name is Patricia and I'm Michael and Michelle Dugan's sister from Brazil. I found your blog through Cari Dugan's and was immediately drawn to it. I have always enjoyed photography and actually took a class of it in High School. But only recently have a seriously thought of it as something that I'd like to invest my time and money in. Well, I really enjoy your blog and really appreciate the time you put into giving tips and showing your own work...I've been really inspired. Since I live in Brazil, I'd like to do some online beginners course, do you have any suggestions?

Well, I think I'm a little late but here is my favorite picture of my little baby Julia now 3 months old. I love it because I always dreamt of having a black haired, blue-eyed baby, and God was so good in giving me more than I could wish for...I think she's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen...:-)

I'd love it if you could give me an answer!!

love Patricia


I've never taken any online courses and I wouldn't even know where to begin to refer you...sorry. If I hear of anything I'll post it on here...maybe another reader has info they can leave as a comment?


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