Playing the name game???

Okay...I've had a couple of questions and I wanted to answer them as you continue to think about the perfect name for us! Someone asked about my maiden name...YIKES! It was Albojer pronounced (elbow-her) not something I want to pass on to the next generation. Although I love my jewish heritage, I don't need to prove it by passing on a name no one can pronounce! But, thank you for the suggestion...I love the sentiment!

There's tons of names I love but, Matt doesn't. Isn't that the worst. For example: Marcus (Matt, knew a bully in his elementary school) or Justice (one of our very close friends used it) or Lincoln (also used by a close friend) or Sophia (used by someone in our church and I'm a big advocate for a unique name) or any name that ends in "ia" cause it's to close to Adriah's name!

I should also mention that I'm drawn to royal, regal, strong sounding names.

Maybe these hints will help us narrow it down! Thanks for playing!

Noemi Hedrick

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