Santa VS. Jesus

Okay this is a blog for all you mom's out there who are training up young kids...what do you do with Santa? I seriously just want to hear your take on the whole thing. Adriah is super inquisitive and wants to know every detail and so far I've just been answering her questions honestly. Honestly meaning..."Santa isn't real but it's an incredibly fun story that we tell at Christmas. We celebrate because it's Jesus's birthday and the wise men brought presents so, we exchange presents to celebrate. We also exchange presents because it's really fun!!! Fun to bless others and fun to receive." We've talked about it a ton and she seemed perfectly fine with those answers. She even added that we should bake a cake this year to remember it's Jesus's birthday! Then, this past week, she went to pre-school and got into the car afterward and said, "Mom, I have something to tell you. Santa IS real! We wrote him a card in school today, I cut out all the things I want him to give me and I even signed the bottom so he would remember to give them to Adriah" I was totally shocked and before I could respond she added, "And Ashley said you don't know he exists because you haven't met him yet!" In one afternoon she went from knowing why we celebrate to explaining why I don't know what the rest of the world clearly understands...Santa is real. Yes, she's only four! I could barely contain myself from laughing. I didn't know what to say.

Part of me wants to always answer honestly so that she can trust that what I say is true and the other part of me wants to let her enjoy every aspect of the season.


Any advice would be awesome...what do you say about Santa? How do you communicate Jesus at Christmas?

Thanks in advance.

Noemi Hedrick

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