Sextuplets are 14 weeks!

When I saw Brianna this week she was looking a ton better! She's had weeks of morning sickness but Friday was a good day! She's happy to report that at 14wks she's measuring 25wks! All the babies are doing great...growing like crazy. She should be able to feel them move really soon! img_1771-small.jpg

Brianna's lost 16lbs since she got pregnant and this week finally returned to her start weight. It hasn't been easy because of the nausea but, as far as I'm concerned she's a trooper and doing great! Look at that great belly! I love seeing this miracle form in front of me! Check out new developments on their website.


Funny Story...Brianna doesn't get out much but when she does and when it comes out that she's only 14wks and having 6 babies she hears all different reactions.

Here's one of our favorite CRAZY comments, "Well, you guys sure got yourselves into a pickle!" OR "Oh, six babies...did you plan that?"

Here's a better story: She went to Clinique last week for some foundation and when they found out her "gentle condition" they went crazy with excitement saying, "YOU NEED A GIFT!" So within minutes, a dozen ladies surrounded her giggling and cheering her on...she left with new mascara and lots of other goodies! More then that, she left smiling!


One more story...earlier in the week...Brianna woke up, threw up and then asked for her favorite salt and vinegar chips (nothing but, Target brand - Archer Farms). LOL. Chips hit spot at 7 am.

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