Sextuplets are 18.5 weeks!

We took Brianna out for a little spin during our visit this week. It felt like we were in the movies and planning our escape, but walked right out the front doors wheeling Brianna and the six babies! Adriah loved having someone to push around. img_3644-small.jpg

We went into the center courtyard at Abbott to get some sun and fresh air! Brianna stood (she doesn't do a lot of that anymore) and did a little posing. Her belly is a perfect basketball! Even though she's eating all the time, she's still losing weight...and that's frustrating! So, she needs to eat more! 


Here's how you can tell we're good friends...I asked her to show her belly in the middle of a very public area and she did! I think it's worth it. :)

It's weird to think that at this stage in my pregnancy you could barely tell...i was still in the "I feel fat" stage.


Brianna will have 2 ultrasounds this week to measure the babies growth. One to measure babies A, B, and C and the other to measure D, E, and F. For a pregnant woman with one baby it's a long time to be on your back, so measuring 6 in one sitting is out of the question. 


Ryan and Brianna were interview by WCCO and the interview should come out next week! for more updates and pictures of the city-wide shower go to

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