Sextuplets on WCCO News

This evening a news crew from WCCO are doing an indepth interview with Ryan and Brianna! I don't know exactly when it will be aired, but I'm sure it will be soon. I'll keep you posted. Brianna and Ryan are getting into a comfortable routine at Abbott Northwestern Hospital! ( I found a little history on the hospital I thought was cool!) I've heard that their nurses and doctors are absolutely wonderful.  The other day Brianna's doctor asked her if she wanted anything from Starbucks for their meeting the following made Brianna's day! When you're lieing in a bed 24-7 it's the little things that make you smile!

Brianna has recovered very well from her surgery last week and I'm happy to report all 6 babies are growing at an incredible rate...but, so is her pour little stomach! She eats all the time and even then, she's always hungry! I'll be visiting tomorrow and will be bringing my camera to capture the sextuplets at 18 weeks! Look for updates on:

More pictures to come:

Noemi Hedrick

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