Are you smiling enough? I'm not.

Last week my six year old daughter said, "Momma, what's wrong? You look mad." But, I wasn't. In that moment I realized, how important it is to smile. Try it.

Seriously. Right now. Just smile.

When I do it I automatically giggle. Which in turn leads to more smiles.

I take care of my kids every day and I know they won't remember that...what do I want them to remember? I want them to remember my smile. Because I love them, love being home with them, love sharing the good, the bad and the ugly moments of every day AND I love laughing with them.

(Can you hear the song from Mary Poppins in your head? "I love to LAUGH!" or is that just me?)

So, what I'm saying is, take an opportunity today to turn a seriously frustrating moment...can't think of any? I'll lend you some of mine!

"Put on your shoes. Go find your shoes and then put them on. Did you get your shoes on? I asked you to put them on. Can you do that right now please?"


"Pick up the toys and put them away. Let's sing the clean up song! Can you help Momma put the toys away? Nope. Not playing time...It's time to put the toys away. Pick up one toy at a time and put it in the bin. You can do this!"


"Can you eat over the table? Sit on your bum and eat over your plate. Don't play with your food just eat it. Sit down. On your bum. You're doing great on your eating! Can you finish everything before you ask for more?"

I could go on but I'm sure you get the point. When you feel like you're losing your mind from constantly repeating and getting zero Laugh at the moment. Enjoy the moment and the craziness of your life.

You know I'm totally preaching to myself on this right? I hope I hear it!

Yesterday a friend came up to me at church and said, "I love your smile! When you smile the whole room lights up!" I want that in my home.

Have a wonderful day of smiles and laughter.



Noemi Hedrick

Noemi Hedrick is a passionate wedding and portrait photographer based in Minneapolis. Noemi loves capturing the beauty inside every person. Her vibrant energy for life, love and family are grounded in her own values and loved ones. Noemi has been proudly serving as a wedding photographer for over 15 years and also offers a wide range of photography workshops for professional and amateur photographers.