Staples Vacation Pictures...

Not everyone can say that they love hanging out with their friends parents for the weekend...but, we can! Our friends AJ and Micah have this beautiful little getaway in Staples - a house on a river that's super shallow and perfect for little kids plus, their kids are similar ages to Adriah and Leyton so it works perfect for the kids to have play mates. AJ's parents are really is a total relaxing weekend we go up to visit. Here's some pictures to walk you through our weekend of FUN!

Smores anyone?

Family Portraits

Oh wow...don't you just love him?

Family Portraits-15

I love the bug hat!

Family Portraits-16

Family Portraits-14

Isn't this picture perfect. Daddy and daughter hanging without a care in the world!

Family Portraits-12

Ring around the rosy never gets old!

Family Portraits-11

Family Portraits-10

Family Portraits-9

My little girl taking's not an every day thing so, I love it when it happens!

Family Portraits-8

Family Portraits-5

Here's the "Island Girl"...doesn't that look like she casually pulling a snake out of the water?

Family Portraits-7

Family Portraits-6

Family Portraits-4

i don't remember what they were doing behind me but, I love it when I laugh so hard I look like something hurts! Just being real...

Family Portraits-3

The Crew! I love taking pictures with height...Adriah and Annalis are in the front row together...Adriah is 6 months older...can you believe that? We've got tall genes.

Family Portraits-13

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