The Haley Family Portraits!

This family is amazing! They graciously hosted us for 2 1/2 weeks while my husband went on a mission trip to Kenya! I don't know if you've ever had family crash at your house for an extended amount of time but, it's a lot...I know this and I'm extremely grateful. Not only are the Haley's some of my favorite people to hang out with...they are family. They are people who look for opportunity to bless and willingly do it. I'm challenged by this family's generosity. Their example isn't common but, I want it to be how we live as a family.

In my small way I wanted to thank them. We did a short family photo shoot the morning we left...Adriah had to get in on the action. Here she is with Aunt Amy and Uncle John!

family photography

family photography-2

Just looking at this picture makes me cry...I love you both so much!

family photography-3

Here's your beautiful family. So funny, trying to get the boys to laugh Adriah was behind me making silly faces!

family photography-4

family photography-5

family photography-6

Just THE BOYS! It took 10 shots to get them to really squeeze! And poor Joel took the brunt of it :)

family photography-8

family photography-7

For the next 8 months their having their two nieces (Avery 7 and Macie 9) live with them. The girls came the weekend before we left so I got to get to know them too! Here's there new family photo! WE MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!

family photography-9

family photography-10

Joel lost a tooth while we were there so I had to show you the close up!

family photography-11

Jake's the football player. He carries the ball around with him all the time and Adriah didn't understand why..."He must really like that ball!" was all she kept saying:)

family photography-12

John turns 13 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY...he's growing into such an amazing man. I can't wait to see who he becomes in the next couple of years.

family photography-13

family photography-14

AMY thank you for being such a great listener and pouring into my kids as if they were you're own. I am blessed by your love...and true beauty.

family photography-15

Lastly, Joel and Adriah were up late the night before creating this incredible robot. Isn't it cool!??

family photography-16

So I gave you a I want to know which is your favorite! the CD is on the way!

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