The Patriot...stepping into the movie!

We had such a great day! Matt, Adriah and I took a family day and went to the Historic Brattonsville in South Carolina. It was gorgeous out...well, gorgeous by Minnesotan was sunny and 55 degrees. I'll take it! This was the grounds that half of the movie "The Patriot" was filmed. I love stepping into another time...and even more then that, I love having my cameras along to be creative. Remember this house from the beginning? I guess they didn't really set it on fire.


I want to share some of our favorite shots with you! (I say "our" favorite because Matt had my second camera and the telephoto lens - one of the perks of owning a photography business!)


We loved that it was off season cause we were the only ones felt like we were walking around in a different time.


And remember the scene where the little boy hides under the table at the Aunt's plantation? This is where it was filmed.


If you're ever in the's a must see! Bring your own camera and go crazy! Here's the rest in a slide show...

Adriah loved the cats the most! Two year olds are so easy to please!

P.S. There's tons more to come...we're going to check out more of the area and take a trip to Washington D.C. for the weekend!

Noemi Hedrick

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