The Sextuplets Story

I know many of my faithful blog readers found me by searching for information about the Morrison Sextuplets. Brianna and Ryan are good friends of mine and I was documenting their journey with six babies. in the last year Brianna has come a long way and she's at the point where she's ready to write her story. I continue to be amazed at the strength and courage of my sweet friend. I read "part one" tonight and I had to tell you about it. First of all, I totally follow Brianna's blog cause her words are precious to me (especially since she moved to WI and I miss her). If you've just joined my blog I want to encourage you to read Brianna and Ryan's story as she writes it. She's an incredible writer...I mean really good. I'm more of a chatter and rambler but, that has it's right place in the blogging world. Brianna is a story teller and reading her words makes you feel apart of their story. I was apart of the story. I remember her calling and saying that I needed to sit down...she then told me they were having six. I remember mumbling something like "I'm sorry, wow, congratulations, this is amazing, how did this happen, oh sweetheart, are you ok?" Anyways, we got over the shock quick and then got to relive it every time a new person found out about the babies.

I'm so proud of her and can't wait to hear the story told by Brianna. Here's the link to her blog:

Enjoy! Tell her Noemi sent you...she'll laugh!

Noemi Hedrick

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