This is the life!

I know stay-at-home mom's can get a bad rap and it may not be the glamorous job but, I want to say how much I love it! Raising my kids is the hardest and most fulfilling work I've ever done (and you know how much I love photography :) Having them in my care and knowing that they are at a stage of life where they need me and I'm here to serve them! Having said that...I did spend three days at the club lounging at the pool! I got tons of freckles and even a very little tan! I'm a 50+ sunscreen-er and my poor daughter (even though she has her daddy's skin) has to bathe in it too!

Hope you're having a wonderful summer. Take time to close your eyes and feel the sun and wind! Then open them to see all the amazing beauty everywhere. Summer is gorgeous. When I was in my 20's I used to make a list every summer and try to do everything on the list before the summer ended. I knew it would go by too fast! Sit outside...look for flowers...listen to kids playing...splash in the water...lay in the grass and look at the stars...forget to put on your make-up...let your sunglasses hold back your!

What's your favorite part of summer? Give the rest of our readers ideas for what to do in the next couple of months.

Noemi Hedrick

Noemi Hedrick is a passionate wedding and portrait photographer based in Minneapolis. Noemi loves capturing the beauty inside every person. Her vibrant energy for life, love and family are grounded in her own values and loved ones. Noemi has been proudly serving as a wedding photographer for over 15 years and also offers a wide range of photography workshops for professional and amateur photographers.