Turning 34.

today is my 34th b-day. nothing really special about that number or this day but, I know it's going to be a great day! birthday's always cause me to reflect:

my daughter Adriah gave me the most incredible present...as a write this I'm in a state of shock...she learned to read. Yesterday she was listening to Matt read to her and she turned the page and she read to him. It was like a switch went on and she gets it! We've tested her out several times today (got brand new books out of the library so there's no chance she has them memorized) and she continues to amaze us.

my son Leyton is learning new words every day...today i feel like he talked and I understand him. every day he makes me smile.

my daughter Clara just turned one month...she's opening her eyes all the time and I feel like she knows me. I could look into her eyes for hours - wondering her thoughts and trying to figure out what she's like.

my husband Matt...it's been almost 10 years and he's still the person I want to spend every free moment with. We're in this together and there's no one else I'd rather share my life with. He is my gift.

my sister Elizabeth is pregnant with her first. I will hold her baby after turning 34...can't wait. Her child already has a special place in my heart.

my sister Cindi just got married and comes to visit in two weeks! When they come we're going to dressed up, eat at a fancy restaurant and go see a musical with our husbands - I chose this as my b-day gift so...no one can complain.

my brother Alexander just got back from Haiti and I know the experience changed him...I'm so thankful for his missions heart. check out his pictures: www.lifeimages.ca/blog

I just saw my mom and Matt's parents are coming soon. I love our families.

I'm blessed with friends that are as close to me as my sisters.

I am in need of nothing. I feel full of love.

thanks for sharing this day w me...i love blogging.


Noemi Hedrick

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