Vacationing in South Carolina

If you've never travelled to this part of the country...plan to someday! We're visiting my Adriah's Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle and cousins in Tegacay, South Carolina. It's close to Charlotte! Sorry if i'm rubbing it in but the weather has been a perfect 80-85 degrees with a cool breeze. It's gorgeous, green, filled with historic mansions, close to the coast and most of all, here is where are family is! Matt, Adriah and I love to visit! We'll spend the first part of our 2 weeks at their condo near Myrtle Beach (beach living) and then come back to Tegacay (pool and sprinkler living) for the rest of our vacation. It's okay for you to be jealous. I would be if our roles were reversed.

I love the sun...even though it doesn't love me. I burn in seconds (or so it seems) and freckle in minutes! I wear SPF 50 and still get burned but it's worth it cause I love being outside.

Don't worry about your pictures! I'm still working while I'm away!

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