What camera to buy????

We've talked on this blog about professional cameras before but I thought this readers question would be worth sharing with everyone. Hi Noemi:

Our pathetic little Sony digital camera has bit the dust after 6 years. Can you spend a blog entry asking people for suggestions and / or discuss yourself what someone like me might want to consider in purchasing a new camera in this day and age? I would like something that I could develop artistically with, and yet I don’t have a massive budget. We want to be able to take good snapshots of the kids etc. and I want to photograph my garden and take photos of things I could use in graphic design projects.

Thanks, Rachel

Here's what I'm thinking...

If you want the camera for personal use (ie: vacations, family photos, kids sports, flowers etc.) then get the latest version of the Canon Powershot. It's been rated very high and I've known people who have it and love how easy it is and how great it takes pictures. I love that it's compact and you would actually take it with you without worrying about the bulk or heaviness. AND I love that you have the ability to make short videos. Especially with young kids...it's great to be able to send them to family. (I'm totally talking myself into getting one of these cameras!!!)

If you want a starter DSLR then I'd go with the Canon Rebel XTi or the Nikon D40 (I think...I'm not sure cause I only use Canon) Both are new and have incredible features borrowed from higher end cameras. It's not going to have any delay when you take a shot and give you the practice you need to advance to a more professional camera.

I hope this helps.


Noemi Hedrick

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