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top tips for beginning photographers - DYI portrait session

Here's my top tips to improve your photography (DYI style). If you're a beginner photographer then you want a safe place to ask your questions or better yet, have someone answer them before you ask them. That is the main reason why I teach beginner workshops. I love providing a safe and fun place to learn! There's only 2 days left to get in on the early bird discount! 1. Shoot during the "magic hour" (the hour after dusk or the hour before dawn) Simply check when the sun is rising and setting and plan your shoot accordingly.

2. Backlight - put your subjects back to the sun, have the light come through their hair, angle them for the sun to touch their shoulder, and no squinting.

3. Use a reflector - Backlight can make your subjects face dark and putting a reflector in front will bounce light and soften their face.

4. Talk to your subjects - lead them, encourage them, show them your poses, mirror poses so it's easy for them to copy, show them great shots to build trust and willingness to keep following your lead.

5. Shoot for free to keep learning and shoot the things/people you love. You want to practice the magic hour? Invite an engaged couple to come out and pose while you play with light. You want to figure out light in the snow? Dress a family in colorful vests, hats and mittens and take them on a winter picnic.

You might have questions about this post and I'd love to answer them. Write your question in the comments and they other can learn from the answers.