Newborn Photography

I am not a Newborn Photographer. It takes tons of patience and I'm not the most patience woman in the world. But, when a dear friend had her baby a couple of weeks could I refuse? I'm so glad I didn't. Editing Newborn photos is so peaceful. Therapeutic. Yoga like. I seriously think I'm breathing deeper. :) I'm so weird.

I probably won't make the switch from weddings to newborn photography, but I'll definitely smile at the next chance I get to capture a sweet baby.

Wedding and Portrait Photography

Wedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait Photography

DIY Photography in the winter

If you're like me, you're spending a lot of time inside because this Minnesota winter has pushed the limit. I heard we're really close to breaking the record for the coldest winter on the books. At this point, why not go for the record? At least then we get some credit! Enough about the weather…and back to the post. DIY Photography in the winter is not as hard as one may think. For this DIY, I'm walking you through bath time and a simple family photography session.

Step One - Find the biggest window in the house and clear an area. Then make your subject comfortable…and start shooting. i suggest shooting at a low aperture 2.8 - 4.0, shutter speed as low as you can go with the lens you have. I try not to shoot below 1/70 if I'm hand holding to avoid shake. My ISO will start at 400 and I'll bump it up if necessary.Wedding and Portrait Photography


Wedding and Portrait Photography

Looking out the window. Wedding and Portrait Photography

Step Two - Move to a different room with similar light and keep shooting. Put yourself between the window and your subject. Wedding and Portrait Photography Wedding and Portrait Photography

Then switch so that you are shooting into the window light and capturing the silhouette. (I love the softness of these shots) Wedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait Photography

Step Three - Keep capturing moments happening close to the window. Anything goes. Wedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait Photography

Step Four - Family Photo - have the family face window light. Wedding and Portrait Photography

Introducing Reese Helena...isn't she beautiful?

I don't shoot a lot of newborn shoots anymore and sometimes I miss them. This precious little one help fill my cup back to full. There's something about holding a newborn that slows your heart rate and makes everything more peaceful. I love her name. Reese means enthusiasm! Can't wait to see who she becomes!

Sleep well tonight.

The Walker Family (Newborn photography and Family Portraits)

I love following a family through their stages of life.Want to take a trip back in time? Pictures can do that... HERE IS THE SHOOT where I first captured this couple a couple of years ago to celebrate being married and in love!

HERE IS THE NEXT SHOOT where I captured their growing family...Addy was 2 and they had just found out that they were expecting! I think I was among the first to find out :)

Now for the arrival of Charlie! I had the incredible opportunity to capture them in their beautiful home. Documenting their new life was my privilege.

The Krause Family Portraits - Bloomington, MN

This photo-shoot was crazy. I don't have 3 boys but, if I did I know they would keep me on my toes and make me laugh a ton. While trying to capture these boys they were moving non-stop...seriously, I was holding down the shutter and I got a different poses with every snap! They were moving fast! The contrast between active boys and newborn sister was amazing...these three boys just got a beautiful gift a few weeks ago. She is a perfect addition!

My favorite moment is when Aaron (the Dad) and I planned to surprise the boys by slowly throwing them off while they were on their Dad. LOVE IT! Their expressions are adorable.

Make sure you take note of the purple and gold tutu in the last shot! GO VIKES! (More on that in the next week...hint: my upcoming blog post will make you want to cheer!)


Kerrington Reilly's Portraits, Eden Prairie, MN

The Reilly's have been friends of ours for years and recently Jen took a job working for Hershey in PA. (yeah, I know...I'm loving that she works for a chocolate company! Somebody has to!) Although we're happy that they are starting a new adventure, they will be missed. Saying goodbye is never easy but, parting with a last photo-shoot makes it easier. Because of pictures...we have memories that will last forever. We're praying that your family settles quickly and the job is everything you hoped it would be. PLUS, we're hoping to get out there and hang with the family really soon! Love you. thank you for letting me capture your family!

Luke, Danielle and Saxton - Newborn Portraits, Minneapolis, MN

One of the things I love about my job is the variety. One day I'm the wedding photographer and another I'm capturing a newborn! I miss the babies sometimes but having three little ones at home helps. This shoot was so much fun. Thankfully little Saxton won't remember how tired he was and how the photographer kept taking pictures. The great thing about newborns is sooner or later they all fall asleep and that makes the cutest pictures.

Here's a precious little boy at 6 weeks:

Introducing Amos James - St. Francis Hospital - Shakopee, MN

Every now and then I bring my camera to the hospital when a friend has a baby. I can't do it for all my friends having babies because it would be a full-time job. ('tis the season, I guess!) I love babies, especially newborns. They are so tiny. Every time I hold one it's takes me back to when I first held each one of mine...and yet that seems so long ago. (Clara is 6 months!)

Birth is a simply complicated thing and this momma has really been through it this time...My prayer is that these pictures brighten her day and make her smile!

Welcome to the world Amos James - you are loved!


I know a bunch of my blog readers found my website through the Morrison Sextuplets. Brianna and Ryan Morrison a good friends of ours and I documented her pregnancy two years ago. Sylas is doing great and this week they added a new baby to the morrison family! IVY PEARL...she is perfect! Brianna delivered a month early but both mom and baby are in excellent condition. If you don't know already Brianna now has her own blog and it's incredible! She is honest about the joys and struggles of parenting. Check out pictures of IVY and updates from the family anytime you want.

Eliza Holland's arrival

I've been at 3 births outside of my own kids...and this birth was so precious. I think it was so wonderful because I wasn't the one in all the pain. I got to see the pure beauty of a mother laboring for her newborn (without drugs) and getting to see all of her work pay off. Here's a couple of pictures...

Isn't life precious!

Leyton is growing and changing before my eyes!

Isn't he beautiful? 20080605-family-00011-4.jpg

My son is almost 2 months old! Although I am a little anxious for him to sleep through the night I don't want him to grow up too fast! I don't know if he's my last baby or not and I want to treasure the newborn days for I know they are short!


A photographer friend came over this week and we made Leyton our subject...he's wasn't happy about being stripped down to his diaper but, we still got some cute shots.


I love that about slows down time and helps me to hold onto these precious days.


Here's my chunky baby! Can't wait until his 2 months appointment to find out how much he weighs!!!


Here's my beautiful blue-eyed baby boy...I have a crush on him!


Sandy and Eva (2 days old)

A couple of weeks ago one of my dear friends had a little girl...sorry it's taken me so long to get them posted! Sandy and I met when we were both pregnant with our a birthing class at Southdale Hospital! It was very convenient for her to have her second little girl at Abbott since I already go there weekly to visit Brianna Morrison (who's having sextuplets). So, it was kinda a two-for-one! Ohh how I love a great deal. AND since I had my camera in hand I took some of the girls!

Enjoy...there's nothing like the beauty, helplessness, tiny-ness and peacefulness of a newborn!







for more info:


Little Molly

It's the season for babies...let me introduce you to one of my latest newborns from a shoot I did a couple of weeks ago: Molly. She is absolutely gorgeous! img_0700b-small.jpg

Doesn't she look like she's smiling? So cute with her little dimple! :)


I love shooting the littlest ones. There's something about the rolls, soft skin, tiny fingers and toes that melts my heart.


I love capturing tenderness. Molly definately showed us she had lungs earlier in the shoot. Anyone who's had a new born knows the calm after the storm is sweet silence!


I went to their house and shoot on location. I love doing that because everyone is more relaxed and if an additional changed of clothes is needed, it's available!

Molly did great...

3 Week Old Twins...Jethro and Judah

Ok, Funny story...You know how we're always being saturated with peaceful sleeping shots of newborn babies; nude, resting on their parents arms or laying on their shoulder? I thought I'd try this with twins...unfortunately the combinations of being cold and no diaper is a receipe for disaster! Within seconds Jethro had peed all over his dad and Judah let out a couple of squirts!!!!! It's only funny because it wasn't you this happened to! Never-the-less I got great's a peek.


Can you see the trickle out the bottom left? Thankfully dad was a good sport about the whole thing!


I love a challenge! And  shooting newborn babies is hit or miss with one, but two? I love the emotion in the boys faces.


In the end, we did put them back into cuddly sleepers and they were happy about that! The shoot ended peacefully...boys in momma's arms. Want to see more!?!

Got any funny stories from having your kids picture taken? I'd love to hear about it!