Practical Photography - Evening FOCUSED Workshop Entries for the FREE SPOT!

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Summer Photo Contest Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Summer Photo Contest! I loved all of your pictures and I loved reading the comments of people voting for each of your images. We have a winner! Kari Nichols! Congratulations. You're image was stunning...who doesn't want to spend their summer walking through fields of gold! I'll be emailing you the details on how to receive your E-Book. I hope you love it.

Thank you to all the people who took the time to send pictures! Contests are so fun and a great way to showcase your work!

Summer Photo Contest!

Are you ready to vote? here's how...leave a comment describing your favorite photo and why it should win the Summer Photo Contest! Don't forget by leaving a comment on this post AND on Facebook (Search NOEMIPHOTOGRAPHY, click like and leave a comment on your favorite photo) You can vote twice - once on each page! The person with the most votes by July 15th, 2011 wins. (Now's the time to get out your address list and press Send-All!) May the best Summer Photo Win!

Here's your options:

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Nathan Jons's Entry - Vote for Nathan on this post or on Facebook!

Rachel Androli's Entry - To vote for Rachel comment on this post or on Facebook!Rachel Greenhouse's Entry - To vote for Rachel leave a comment on this post or on NoemiPhotography's Facebook page.Cate Mezyk's Photo - to vote for Cate Leave a comment on this post or on Facebook.<

Photographers Retreat...nothing like being with friends and being inspired!

So we went away for 36 hours and I probably said, "Thank you for inviting me!" 20 times. I was so happy to be in the woods, in a log cabin, no kids, just friends, and tons of photography talk! Thursday night we went into town and where we got inspired we stop and took photos...soooo fun! So I'm gonna walk you through our creative moments. Here's the group of us. Starting from the left Alison, Emily, Erin, Olivia, Tasha, Kendra, and me! Incredible women with amazing talent.


FOCUSED Photography Workshop

We just finished the Mom FOCUSED Photography Workshop and now we're gearing up for the next one! FOCUSED Photography Workshop June 18th, 2011 click here to learn more Here's a couple images from our last one...Me teaching and shooting:


And then a workshop wouldn't be a workshop if I didn't show you some of the attendees greatness! I have to say this and I know I'm going to sound cheezy but, I don't care...I'm so proud of these girls and their photography! Here's some of the photographs of the incredible women who came:

PART 2 - FOCUSED Photography Workshop - Prior Lake, MN

I'm so honored to have people trust me to teach them about Photography. It is such a joy for me to share my passion with anyone interested in learning more. This is my second of two entries from my recent workshop. This blog showcases: Gretchen, Karla, Leanne, and Melissa's images.

PART 1 - Pictures from the FOCUSED Photography Workshop - Prior Lake, MN

We had tons of fun at the last FOCUSED Photography workshop! I packed in a very full day of meet & greeting, teaching, eating, shooting, downloading, editing, eating, question answering, prize winning etc. It was so much fun that I have to share some of the photos the attendees got from the day. This post is featuring the work of Amanda, Amber, Becky and Cate! Ladies be encouraged...and keep shooting!

Winter Photo Contest!

Thank you to everyone who participated and voted in the recent Winter Photo Contest! I'm happy to announce that Cate Mezyk is our winner! She had well over half the votes! I know Cate is just beginning her journey in photography but, is passionate about everything she puts her mind to. She just got a NEW DSLR for Christmas and will be using it often (with 3 beautiful kids how can you not?) I have a feeling this won't be the last time we see her work! I'm hoping she'll be able to join the next MOM FOCUSED PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP...she would get a ton out of it and I would love to have her at one of my workshops!

Winter Photo Contest - Time to vote!

So i guess i didn't pick a great time of year to have this contest...cause I only got 3 entries! But, it was the perfect time of year for the 3 women who got their photo in cause they have a 1 in 3 chance of winning a $25 gift card to ITUNES! Let the voting begin!

A. Cate Mezyk

oct 09 183

B. Melissa Thornton


C. Rachel Cornelius Androli


Okay ladies...You have a week to get your friends and family to vote saying why they like your picture the best! AND everyone else gets to join in with their opinions too!

Pay it Forward with Photography

I had a reader send me this email and I had to share it with you in hopes that it would inspire more to get out their cameras and share the gift of photography! I want to hear your stories too! Dear Noemi,

You don't know me, but I know you!  Ha, the gift of the blog. I have been reading your blog for over a year and have loved the photos, inspiration and energy!  I just wanted to share with you a bit of something I did, inspired by your early January blog about photography being a gift.

A friend of a friend asked me to take some photos of her daughter's 10 day old baby.  We ended up stopping by unannounced and I took over 100 photos very quickly.  This is a young family, four kids in less than four years! I am just an amateur (as you can see!) with a decent camera and some passion for capturing faces.  I tried to instill some love for reading by taking a photo of each kiddo holding a favorite book.

Thanks for the inspiration.  I hope that at least half of everyone who reads your blog does this at least once.  If I get some outdoor photos of this family in the Spring, I will send some to you so you can see my real talent, LOL.

God Bless you and your beautiful family! Nancy

p.s.  I downloaded these photos to, printed about 80 and put them in an album I bought on clearance at Target.  Cost: $30.  Mom's reaction:  Priceless.











THANK YOU NANCY! I love real stories...especially when I know it will inspire others!

Thanksgiving Pictures

Here's the best of the shots I received...take a look! Picture by April

Picture by Melissa

Hello, we are very far from our family (in japan) again this thanksgiving.  But when I saw how colorful and beautiful the leaves looked it reminded me of thanksgiving. :)

Picture by Brandi

Noemi I've been following your blog for quite some time now but I have never submitted a photo for a contest or even left a comment.  When I read about the Thanksgiving contest, I debated about whether or not to submit a photo or not.  I just now decided to do it.  The photo is of my newborn son.  He was born on 11/22 and had a little bit of a rough start.  We were initially told he would be in the NICU for 10 days.  However, he decided to prove the doctor wrong and he was released on Thanksgiving day.  It was an amazing Thanksgiving!

Picture by Sarah Joy

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures! They are great! Go ahead and vote for your favorite!

FOCUSED Photography Workshop - A great success!

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend but, having my first workshop was a dream come true for me! There were 7 in the end and it truly was the perfect number. We did profile pix to start, teaching on the basics, 3 shoots (family, couple, and bride and groom), picked our fav's, had dinner, and spent the rest of our time going our our images! It went so fast and I think all of slept really well that night cause it was exhausting but, so much fun! I had the girls fill out evaluations (I'm still waiting on a couple...hint, hint) and the feedback so far has been totally helpful. I decided I'm going to do this exact workshop (PART 1 of 3) again in the spring and then follow with Part 2 and offer it to both groups! Part two will have to be longer...and it will focus on "Lighting, Creativity and Posing! THEN, are you ready for this?...Part 3 will be about "Your identity in Business - Branding."

I loved leading these girls and inspiring them in photography! I learned a ton from them and I know I have to do more workshops! So, I will.

Here's some of their images from the day:

Didn't they do amazing?

I'm so proud of you girls! Can't wait to see everyone at our reunion next year...Part 2 baby!

Photo Contest!

Endless Bridge Photo Contest Endless Bridge Photo Contest Endless Bridge Photo Contest Endless Bridge Photo Contest Endless Bridge Photo Contest

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This is a great way to challenge yourself...take a risk or two and enter!

Wouldn't it be great if you won?

Last of Other People's fav's...

Hi Noemi,Here are a few of my favorites. I had a hard time choosing, there are way too many to choose from!

The one with the little feet is our daughter, Emma. She was born 13 weeks premature, weighing 1 lb 8oz and 13 1/2 inches long. She had a long haul in the hospital, 5 1/2 months, plus another week for another surgery. But as you can see from the other picture, she is SO happy! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! Overall she is doing great. We have just started some physical therapy for her, as she is a bit behind in some areas.

There is just something so sweet about pictures of babies feet/toes and hands/fingers. It was very overwhelming with her being born so early and not knowing how things would turn out. My husband took the picture and when he showed it to me, I immediately fell in love with it. For some reason, it just speaks volumes to me.

By the way, Noemi, I love your pictures, they are beautiful! Jodi

Thanks to everyone who send in pictures. We'll do that again sometime but, now we're moving on to other blogging topics. I have no idea what yet but, something always seems to come to me when I sit down at the computer to blog! I just go with it!

More of other people's fav PIX!

Noemi, I am sitting here thinking and looking and searching through my pictures to find my one favorite. Not possible. :) So I resorted to asking my husband what his is. The first one, the Chipmunk, is his favorite. The details and such amaze him. "They are so small" He said. The second is one of my favorites. I took it on my birthday when my husband and I hiked to a place called Lion Rock. I still don't think it's my ALL TIME favorite, but it's up there!


Kacy Johanson

This one is from my wonderful sister-in-law! The one who inspired/talked me into blogging in the first place!


The first one is so quintessentially 60s...and the birds eye view of my parents back when they were in the “hip scene” at KU’s art department is priceless. John Gary Brown gets the photo credit on this one.

The second photo is a random snapshot I took of Dylan and I love it. I call it “Visions of the Future” because I feel like he is getting a unique glimpse of himself as a bigger boy. The light and shadows are wonderful.

Love you, Rachel

Other People's favorites!

Hi Noemi, Here's a photo I took this week. I like it because the lighting and focus draw you to Joanna's beautiful eyes.



My name is Patricia and I'm Michael and Michelle Dugan's sister from Brazil. I found your blog through Cari Dugan's and was immediately drawn to it. I have always enjoyed photography and actually took a class of it in High School. But only recently have a seriously thought of it as something that I'd like to invest my time and money in. Well, I really enjoy your blog and really appreciate the time you put into giving tips and showing your own work...I've been really inspired. Since I live in Brazil, I'd like to do some online beginners course, do you have any suggestions?

Well, I think I'm a little late but here is my favorite picture of my little baby Julia now 3 months old. I love it because I always dreamt of having a black haired, blue-eyed baby, and God was so good in giving me more than I could wish for...I think she's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen...:-)

I'd love it if you could give me an answer!!

love Patricia


I've never taken any online courses and I wouldn't even know where to begin to refer you...sorry. If I hear of anything I'll post it on here...maybe another reader has info they can leave as a comment?

To my blog readers...

Wow! I'm amazed at the responses I got for my tough question on whether or not to send Adriah to Pre-school...they were such thoughtful answers. I hope it was helpful to other mom's wondering the same question. AND ON TOP OF THAT, Thank-you to everyone who send in their favorite pictures! Here's some more:


I love this picture of my daughter because it just shows her abandoned love for life.

This one is just so classic summer fun too, so I have loved it from the time I took it. I really have a hard time narrowing down my favorites since I keep getting a new one each week, but these stand out to me the most today!

I wanted to share some of my favorite photos. These were taking at my daughter's third b-day and for our trip to South Dakota.

Other People's Pictures

Here's some more pix from emails sent to me over the last couple of weeks...I'm glad you were interested in sharing! I hope it's still fun to look at other people's pictures!!! Hi Noemi,

I love how you are sharing our favorite pictures! Here is my favorite right now; I love how the light is caught in my son's eyes. He's almost 14 months and growing so fast!


Hi Noemi!

I was just taking a look at your blog and wanted to send in my favorite picture. That's awesome that Molly's crying picture is one of your favorites. I love that one, too!

This picture was taken in June on our family trip to Colorado. We wanted to see a ghost town, so we jumped in the cars and started driving to Alta, near Telluride. We took a winding, narrow, dirt road up the mountain and had to stop about halfway up because there was a huge mound of snow across the road. We hiked from there. Just as we were about to give up and head back down to our cars, we found it. I love the blue skies and the snow-capped mountains.

Hope you're having a great summer!

Liz Russell

Here's one I found on my desktop...I'm not sure who sent it but, I know I didn't take it! I love the blurry front, in focus middle and blurry background!

AND still more of other people's fav's...

Hi Noemi,Hope I'm not too late on this one. I was hoping you would do something like this because I captured this pic of Sofi this summer, and it has become my all time favorite! It captures her personality so well - one who embraces life with great passion and feels things deeply! It also captures good 'ol summer fun, as there is nothing like running through a sprinkler or a fountain! I haven't had a chance to look at the pics you've posted yet, but I'm heading to my computer with a cup of coffee and a few moments to relax very soon. I can't wait!

Blessings, Teri


Hi Noemi.

You always have the best ideas!!! This is fun! Attached is one of my favorite pictures of my 3 boys (it's so hard to choose). I just love the look on my oldest son's face as he looks as his new baby brothers. My oldest is 3 and the twins were born in February of this year, and this picture was taken the week they came home. My oldest would just sit and stare at them for a long time each night after baths - so proud!!!

Thanks so much!

Julie Day


Thanks for playing!

I read you blog site everyday and thought I would send a few of my favorite pictures. We just returned a few weeks ago from Colorado visiting my sister and her family. We drove 16 hours straight thru with our twin 3 year old girls, so I can relate to your trips to Canada. Hope you enjoy these also. I could not decide on one.

Sue Avina

Mankato, MN



Being a mom of Three I have many favorite pictures but this one was so great because my oldest son(4) asked if i would put his 4 day old brother in the chair so he could read him a was a great moment...and I thought the lighting was kinda cool too!!