The Reed Family Portraits - Maternity Photography

Outdoor maternity photography in freezing weather? Why not? We can always defrost in the car afterward, right? Right. If clients are willing I will ALWAYS shoot outside. Nature is where I'm most inspired. God's creation is the most beautiful background :) And how about the little creation in her belly? Each one is a miracle and a blessing.

Wedding and Portrait Photography

Wedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait PhotographyWedding and Portrait Photography

Practical FOCUSED Photography Workshop - The Krause Family Portraits

When I asked my friend Heather to be my model for the Practical FOCUSED Photography Workshop she graciously said, "Yes!" (at 36 weeks pregnant.) Thank you Heather! And congrats on the birth of your son! I can't wait to meet little Kellen John! Let's take a walk down memory lane at the photo-shoot from 2 weeks ago.

Mini Sessions - Starkey Maternity Photography (Minneapolis, MN)

It's safe to say I have shot at the Walker has beautiful light in the every season which is priceless! But, after all the times I've shot and visited I've never found the rooftop. It was stunning. I'm so grateful this precious couple was willing to make the trek up there. I think it was worth it!

Maternity Portraits, Bloomington, MN

Maternity pictures never get old for me. There is nothing like capturing a baby before you get the meet them. The precious time you carry them and they belong to only you...then you trade that for the privilege of meeting your baby and sharing them with the world. Danielle and Luke are dear friends and I can't wait to take pictures of little Saxton.

Love your belly...I LOVE LIFE!

Lindy, Mike and baby!

This was a really precious shoot for me! I was Lindy's small group leader when she was a student at Bethany College of Missions, then I had the honor of shooting her wedding and now she's expecting her first child...I feel like I've been able to be a part of so many seasons of her life through photography. They don't know what they're having but, if I had to guess based on how she's carrying I would say girl! What's your guess?

Leaning on Friends...

I've always thought of myself as a strong person but pregnancy, motherhood, maintaining a business, being a wife much more (all at the same time) can show you how weak you are. I love every aspect of my life and I wouldn't trade any of it but, today I am tired. I was on the phone for a couple of hours working out the details of new doctors, diabetes clinics and insurance...not my favorite. And, on top of everything, I found out that I'm not able to have midwives for my pre-natal care and the delivery. It's amazing how the little things add up and how little it take to send a pregnant woman to tears. I had my cry and I'm doing better. I have an appointment tomorrow and hopefully I'll get some answers. At this point I'm still wondering about everything little thing I eat. I want to do everything I can for my baby but, that's hard when I don't know what I'm doing. Seriously, any advice would be welcome. Plus, who knows, there might be another woman out there needing to be encouraged with the same info...I wouldn't be surprised. Thank you to all the mom's who wrote comments so far. It was really encouraging. Keep'em coming.

Gestational Diabetes

Okay, so this won't be your typical "photography" blog but, since I've never had a typical blog, I thought you wouldn't mind. I didn't have any issues with my first pregnancy and so far this one has been really easy. Two weeks ago I failed me glucose test and then last Friday failed my second test...bummer, eh? I haven't been able to talk to my doctor or anyone who can give me clear direction for my next steps and I don't want to go on the internet to read about everything that could go wrong so, I'm relying on close friends to surf for me and one even printed out a list of things I can eat! I should know more about the contents/nutrients of food but I don't. It's weird to be thinking before every bite now...I don't like it.

I want to know everything, have it memorized, have lists as reminders and move forward in the pregnancy. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have more clarity.

My biggest concern is the baby's health. In the past I've put weird stuff on my blog and received tons of helpful information so I thought I'd lay it out there one more time! I'll be 28 weeks on Thursday so I still have 12 weeks to go. Do you have any advice me?

I know everything is going to be fine but, as a woman I need to talk it through.

Sextuplets on WCCO 10pm news!

Brianna and Ryan made the news once again! Click here to see the news segment. Their story is going to be an ongoing WCCO project so we'll be able to watch and see the Morrison's through the entire process. Here's the 19 week pictures:


We love these babies...


This is her beautiful belly measuring just over 40 weeks. We were laughing that if she would've had just one baby she wouldn't have had stretch marks...good to know, but not good to dwell on!

for more info:


Sextuplets are 14 weeks!

When I saw Brianna this week she was looking a ton better! She's had weeks of morning sickness but Friday was a good day! She's happy to report that at 14wks she's measuring 25wks! All the babies are doing great...growing like crazy. She should be able to feel them move really soon! img_1771-small.jpg

Brianna's lost 16lbs since she got pregnant and this week finally returned to her start weight. It hasn't been easy because of the nausea but, as far as I'm concerned she's a trooper and doing great! Look at that great belly! I love seeing this miracle form in front of me! Check out new developments on their website.


Funny Story...Brianna doesn't get out much but when she does and when it comes out that she's only 14wks and having 6 babies she hears all different reactions.

Here's one of our favorite CRAZY comments, "Well, you guys sure got yourselves into a pickle!" OR "Oh, six babies...did you plan that?"

Here's a better story: She went to Clinique last week for some foundation and when they found out her "gentle condition" they went crazy with excitement saying, "YOU NEED A GIFT!" So within minutes, a dozen ladies surrounded her giggling and cheering her on...she left with new mascara and lots of other goodies! More then that, she left smiling!


One more story...earlier in the week...Brianna woke up, threw up and then asked for her favorite salt and vinegar chips (nothing but, Target brand - Archer Farms). LOL. Chips hit spot at 7 am.

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