The Sextuplets Story

I know many of my faithful blog readers found me by searching for information about the Morrison Sextuplets. Brianna and Ryan are good friends of mine and I was documenting their journey with six babies. in the last year Brianna has come a long way and she's at the point where she's ready to write her story. I continue to be amazed at the strength and courage of my sweet friend. I read "part one" tonight and I had to tell you about it. First of all, I totally follow Brianna's blog cause her words are precious to me (especially since she moved to WI and I miss her). If you've just joined my blog I want to encourage you to read Brianna and Ryan's story as she writes it. She's an incredible writer...I mean really good. I'm more of a chatter and rambler but, that has it's right place in the blogging world. Brianna is a story teller and reading her words makes you feel apart of their story. I was apart of the story. I remember her calling and saying that I needed to sit down...she then told me they were having six. I remember mumbling something like "I'm sorry, wow, congratulations, this is amazing, how did this happen, oh sweetheart, are you ok?" Anyways, we got over the shock quick and then got to relive it every time a new person found out about the babies.

I'm so proud of her and can't wait to hear the story told by Brianna. Here's the link to her blog:

Enjoy! Tell her Noemi sent you...she'll laugh!

Sylas Christopher Morrison

For those of you who don't know who this is...I'll do a little recap. My friends (Brianna and Ryan) got pregnant in 2006 with SIX babies. All 6 were born June 10th, 2007 at 22weeks and 6days. Sylas is our miracle baby! Well, more hers then mine but since we walked through it with her...I got to watch this miracle unfold right in front of me. If you want to see pictures and more posts look on the right side of this blog and click "Sextuplets" For a long time Brianna and Ryan pulled back from the public eye so they could focus on Sylas and being parents but, just this morning she told me she started a blog. I'm very happy to be able to follow his life and her thoughts as she parents him...and I LOVE BLOGS! More then that, she wants to invite you to follow too!

Here's the link:  

I hope she posts lots of pictures!

Happy Birthday Sylas Morrison!

I was just talking to Brianna yesterday (they were on their way home from a multi-generational family camping trip in Wisconsin) and wished Sylas a Happy Belated Birthday! June 10th, 2007 will forever be etched in my memory. Late that night, we got a call from Ryan and Brianna saying that the doctors would be delivering their sextuplets that night. I made a few calls and rushed to the hospital with a couple of friends. We waited and waited. I got to go in and see Brianna and Ryan before the cesarean and I took some precious last minute pictures of her belly. Then we waited some more. It wasn't long before we saw the carts and medical teams rush past us on their way to the tunnel from Abbott to Children's Hospital. Then we heard the news we waited so long to hear. Tryg, Lincoln, Bennet, Sylas, Lucia and Cadence were born and were stable. They were born at 22 weeks and 6 days...they made history...the first sextuplets ever to be born in Minnesota. I was so proud to have witnessed such a miracle. I knew the hand of God was on this family, and I was so privileged to witness their courage through it all. Matt and I visited with Brianna and her family in the recovery room hours later. Relief, uncertainty, joy, awe, wonder...were just a few of the emotions we felt. Brianna was doing amazing and was ready to see her babies!

The next day Matt and I returned to Children's and met all six of the miracles for the first time. I had never seen anything like it in my life. These perfect little bodies...each weighing around a pound...fighting for their lives. We prayed, whisper sweet nothings, and simply stared in awe. I had the amazing privilege of documenting those precious moments for Ryan and Brianna! I was so honored.

In the weeks that followed we made many trips to the hospital and said sad goodbyes to 5 of those precious babies. In the midst of that grief, we are so grateful to the Lord for Sylas Christopher Morrison - who is alive and well. And now one year old! Every time I see I'm reminded of the miracle I witnessed and miracle his life represents. He is a gift from God!

The Morrison are throwing a party for Sylas on Saturday to celebrate his life! (I have a wedding so I won't be there but Sylas knows I love him!)

Please continue to pray for this family. They are very special and close to my heart.

Pictures of Sylas Christopher Morrison!

I was talking to Brianna today and she was telling me about all the pictures they have up on They are available for anyone to see. Just search "Sylas Morrison" and click "see more photos"...there are like 100 images of him! Remarkably, Sylas is now eight months old! He is so beautiful...and rolls from his tummy over to his side AND his first word was "HI!" but, he's been saying that for a while. He is one of the most smiley kids I know and when he looks at me with those big beautiful eyes...I never stop smiling!

You'd think the miracle of his birth would get old but, it really doesn't. Every time I look at him I know I'm looking at a living miracle. Keep praying for him and their family!

Sylas Morrison

I talked with Brianna this morning at church and found out that they're doing a final interview with WCCO (channel 4) this week. I've received several inquiries from those of you who have followed their story since the beginning (I'm sorry that I haven't responded to your emails and questions regarding the Morrisons) but, I thought you'd like to see the final media piece to their story. I don't what night (or time) this week it will be on WCCO but, keep checking'm sure they're have the clip on the website.

I'm really amazed at the people who continue to stay tuned...praying and loving this family but, I'm pretty sure they want to lead a normal life outside of the eye of the public. They are doing so well and from now on they just want to focus on Sylas! But by all means, keep praying!

Morrison6 Website

I've had quite a few people asking about the Morrison6 website...wondering what happened to it. I remember Ryan saying a while back that he intended to end the website and maybe start a different one. I don't know if that's what happened or of the website is just down at the moment. What I do know is Ryan and Brianna are moving forward and excited to be bringing Sylas home soon. That's what they focusing on right now. Sorry for your confusion/disappointment. I don't if they'll do anymore updates or pictures. It's completely up to them.

Your prayers mean so much to them. Thank you for keeping them in your heart!

What makes us love total strangers?

The Morrison's story came out in March of this year and captivated people hearts. I can't believe that people all over the country still check the internet every day looking for updates, pictures or any kind of detail about this baby. The amount of comments on the latest blog prove that you do! If I'm being honest, I know that if I wasn't personally involved I wouldn't still be following the story but, that it not the case for some of you! WOW...I'm amazed. This is clearly an incredible display of kindness and genuine concern. What makes people love total strangers? To allow your heart to captured by a story, by a family, or by a miracle? that it? Are you struck by the obvious miracle that has unfolded? I know I am. My faith has been challenge and grown through this year. My friendships are stronger and I'm glad for that. I've asked hard questions and have made peace with the fact I won't understand the Lord and His ways...but He is good! Anyways, all that to say thank you. And I hope that the next time I see someone in need I show as much kindness as strangers have shown the Morrisons. It's a beautiful thing.

Please keep praying for Sylas.

This baby is a miracle...

I hadn't been to the hospital in...way too long! The first time I saw Sylas in a crib, I instantly started crying. I knew I was witnessing a miracle. This little guy is fighter and I love him for it! He's just over 3 months and he's already defied incredible odds. He is beautiful and chunky! More than that, he is a symbol of hope and life. It's hard not to love him was even harder that the visit had to come to an end. Introducing Sylas Christopher and his beautiful mom, Brianna!

Sylas Christopher Morrison!

Thank you to everyone who continues to pray and ask about Sylas Morrison! Just a little quick update on Sylas. He is growing strong and doing very well! I know many people want to know his progress but there isn't much to share. I can tell you he is thriving under the care of many wonderful doctors and nurses at Children's hospital! He continues to amaze his parents...they are so proud of him! They're hoping he'll come home sooner then later but we'll have to wait and see! Brianna and I keep exchanging small miracles happening in our lives and we know how blessed we are!

Thank you for your concern and prayers.

Memorial for the Morrison Babies

August 10th, 2007...two months exactly from when the Morrison6 were born. This was a day that I've been dreading but at the same time relieved that it's come and gone! We had a memorial service at Bethany Church for Lucia Rae, Bennet Ryan, Tryg Brenton, Lincoln Sean, Cadence Alana and the Morrison family. It was precious and heartbreaking. I can't believe it's already been 2 months! It's weird how it's seems like forever ago and just yesterday.

These five babies captured my heart from the moment I knew they were growing in Brianna's belly. I prayed for them all the time. It was like I had been given the opportunity to witness a miracle in slow motion...does that make sense? I was seeing the wonder of the babies growing, her belly stretching, and her heart preparing for all them.

After they were born...I fell in love. So tiny and yet, fully alive. I felt like I was looking into the face of a miracle (or 6)!

The songs the Morrison's chose for the memorial really sums it up with all the words I would want to write:

Blessed be your name In the land that is plentiful Where the streams of abundance flow Blessed be your name

Blessed be your name When I'm found in the desert place Though I walk through the wilderness Blessed be your name

Every blessing you pour out, I turn back to praise When the darkness closes in, Lord Still I will say... Blessed be the name of the Lord Blessed be your name Blessed be the name of the Lord Blessed be your glorious name

Blessed be your name When the sun's shining down on me When the world's all as it should be Blessed be your name

Blessed be your name On the road marked with suffering Though there's pain in the offering Blessed be your name

Every blessing you pour out, I turn back to praise When the darkness closes in, Lord Still I will say... Blessed be the name of the Lord Blessed be your name Blessed be the name of the Lord Blessed be your glorious name

You give and take away You give and take away My heart will choose to say Lord, Blessed be your name

And the old hymn, "It is well!" I was looking for the hymn and found the story behind the song...amazing.

This hymn was writ­ten af­ter two ma­jor trau­mas in Spaf­ford’s life. The first was the great Chi­ca­go Fire of Oc­to­ber 1871, which ru­ined him fi­nan­cial­ly (he had been a weal­thy bus­i­ness­man). Short­ly af­ter, while cross­ing the At­lan­tic, all four of Spaf­ford’s daugh­ters died in a col­li­sion with an­o­ther ship. Spaf­ford’s wife Anna sur­vived and sent him the now fa­mous tel­e­gram, “Saved alone.” Sev­er­al weeks lat­er, as Spaf­ford’s own ship passed near the spot where his daugh­ters died, the Ho­ly Spir­it in­spired these words. They speak to the eter­nal hope that all be­liev­ers have, no mat­ter what pain and grief be­fall them on earth.

When peace, like a river, attendeth my way, When sorrows like sea billows roll; Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say, It is well, it is well, with my soul.


It is well, with my soul, It is well, with my soul, It is well, it is well, with my soul.

Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come, Let this blest assurance control, That Christ has regarded my helpless estate, And hath shed His own blood for my soul.


My sin, oh, the bliss of this glorious thought! My sin, not in part but the whole, Is nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more, Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul!


For me, be it Christ, be it Christ hence to live: If Jordan above me shall roll, No pang shall be mine, for in death as in life Thou wilt whisper Thy peace to my soul.


But, Lord, ‘tis for Thee, for Thy coming we wait, The sky, not the grave, is our goal; Oh trump of the angel! Oh voice of the Lord! Blessèd hope, blessèd rest of my soul!


And Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight, The clouds be rolled back as a scroll; The trump shall resound, and the Lord shall descend, Even so, it is well with my soul.

It's been a hard 2 months and I know the road ahead will have many bumps. But I smile when I think about pouring tons of love on Sylas Christopher...he will never lack for kisses and hugs!

Please continue to pray for this precious family!

Update on the Morrisons

The Morrison Garage Sale fundraiser was a huge success! Tons of great clothing and kids equipment was donated! Brianna and Ryan had first pick of the donations and the rest went to the sale! Just one day of selling brought in over $1000.00! Thank you to everyone who brought donations, tagged the merchandise, baked goodies, and sold items! WHAT A BLESSING TO THIS FAMILY! For parents who have experience tons of's was nice to have such an incredible blessing! A special thanks to Sara Dalita who was the backbone of the whole day! Sylas Christopher is doing well! Growing, changing, and most of all delighting his parents in new ways every day! Thank you for continuing to ask about him and pray for his health! I tell Brianna this all the time...He is soooo loved and always will be! Adriah and I pray for Sylas every night and she always says, "Make Sylas strong!" I love it! Brianna and Ryan are settling into their new townhome and making it theirs! Unpacking, hanging pictures, painting and all the other little things we do to make our home look like us...I remember someone saying that to me once, "If you're confused about what color to paint your house just look in your closest and pick from the colors that look good on you!" I've been over a few times and it's adorable!

Most of all, Brianna and Ryan are surround by people who love them and they know it!

Getting busy...slowing down.

I know I'm going into one of the busiest seasons of my life and I'm really excited. Well, If you would've asked me last night my answer would have been more along the lines of being overwhelmed but today, I really felt like something has changed in me. It's been an intense couple of months. My friends Ryan and Brianna Morrison had sextuplets! Six beautiful babies that grabbed a hold of my heart from the moment I laid eyes on them. It's been so painful to let 5 go. My heart and love for Ryan, Brianna and Sylas grows every day. I desperately want to help them and I wish I could do more. On top of that, so much has happened in my own family and crisis with some of my closest friends...nothing could have prepared me. AND truthfully, I wasn't prepared. Photography has boomed on top of everything else and as thankful as I am, it's been overwhelming...until today. I went out last night with some close girlfriends and they spend the whole evening listening, encouraging me and speaking truth into my life. Today I feel lighter; ready to jump into the exciting season of weddings ahead of me.

I love what I do and I know I'm good at what I I'm excited do it! You get to enjoy the ride and watch every week as more pictures appear capturing families, love affairs, emotions and more! I love blogging for that very reason...immediate gratification!

So, I think the moral of the story is: I'm getting busier but inside, I'm slowing down. Taking long, deep breaths, rolling on the floor laughing with Adriah, going on dates with Matt, spending time with friends and stopping work to take needed breaks...even when I have so much more to do.

Life is good! Sometimes we just need friends to remind us just how good it is. Thanks girls!

The Morrison Update - Lucia Rae

Just as I was about to sit down and write about the amazing changes are happening for my friends Ryan and Brianna I got a call saying, "Please come to the hospital." Yesterday, Sunday, June 22nd, 2007...we dedicated Lucia Rae to the Lord. Here's the press release:

5th Minnesota Sextuplet Dies

Minneapolis A fifth baby born to a Minnesota couple who had sextuplets in June died Sunday.Lucia Rae Morrison was born June 10 along with her sister and four brothers at 22 weeks gestation. Lucia's sister and three of her brothers died in June.The sextuplets' parents are Ryan and Brianna Morrison, of St. Louis Park, Minn.

Their surviving son, Sylas Christopher, remains in critical condition at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.

A non-profit fund has been set up to help support the Morrisons.

Checks can be written out to Morrison Multiples Corporation and sent to:

Morrison Multiples Corporation c/o Fortune Financial 10261 Yellow Circle Drive Minneapolis, MN 55343

This 501c3 status is in process and is expected that all donations will be tax deductible. Sylas is still at Children's hospital and probably won't come home until his original due date (October 4th). He's in good hands. Please continue to pray for this precious family!

Ryan and Brianna - One month

It's Ryan and Brianna, but if you know them well then you've probably messed up thier names and called them Brian and Rianna...Matt and I do all the time. We've done it so much it's a joke now. (It's just easier to say when you talk as fast as I do!) To answer the question that everyone is asking, "How are they doing?" After celebrating the babies one month birthday...they are doing okay. Life is one big transition AND it's not over. They're looking forward to moving into a newly remodel townhome.

"No Noemi, how are they really?" They are doing as best as they can. Living every day as it comes and goes. Ryan and Brianna are normal people. They laugh, cry, get mad, ask questions...and cry some more. None of us understand what's happened and why, but now there are two beautiful babies and we're thankful. There is always something to be thankful for...sometimes it takes us longer to find it.

Ryan and Brianna are strong and brave even though they don't think so. I'm so proud of them both. AND I'm proud of Lucia and Sylas...they're my little fighters. (Brianna  always laughs when I call them MY little fighters!) Against all odds, they continue to fight for a chance at life...and I'm one of many that stands on the sidelines and cheers them on!

Thank you to everyone reading, following their story, and praying for this precious family. It means the world and more!

Ryan, Brianna, Lucia and Sylas!

Everyone has been asking "How are the Morrisons doing?" I talked to Ryan and Brianna today, wanting to put an update out for them, and Ryan said he'll be doing his own soon. So, keep checking their site ( for his update! From my perspective:

I'm constantly amazed at how this story has touched people from all over the world. Although Ryan and Brianna didn't ask for it...their lives and courage through everything that's happened to them has been a blessing to many. In return, many strangers have blessed them! AND I have been able to sit back and watch it continues to happen! Here's some specific gifts people have been blessing them with: meals at the hospital, jars of homemade jam, fresh picked strawberries, cards, gift cards for gas, 2 huge bins of treats from TARGET CORPORATION (WOW-ee! :) ) and more that I'm not thinking of right now.

What I've learned:

  • Tears of sorrow can be mixed with tears of joy!
  • At the center of unimaginable tragedy can be great hope, love and blessing...when people surround those that have suffered.
  • I don't have to say anything...just being there is enough.
  • Faith can carry you through the darkest valley and bring you comfort through your journey.
  • There is healing and hope for tomorrow.

One of my closest friends told me about this song she used to "bawl" (word used by women who know what it is to cry really hard) while listening to it in College. This was before she was a mom. And the words are perfect for this entry...

Glory Baby - Watermark

Glory baby you slipped away as fast as we could say baby…baby.. You were growing, what happened dear? You disappeared on us baby…baby.. Heaven will hold you before we do Heaven will keep you safe until we're home with you… Until we're home with you…

Miss you everyday Miss you in every way But we know there's a day when we will hold you We will hold you You'll kiss our tears away When we're home to stay Can't wait for the day when we will see you We will see you But baby let sweet Jesus hold you 'till mom and dad can hold you… You'll just have heaven before we do You'll just have heaven before we do

Sweet little babies, it's hard to understand it 'cause we're hurting We are hurting But there is healing And we know we're stronger people through the growing And in knowing- That all things work together for our good And God works His purposes just like He said He would… Just like He said He would…

I can't imagine heaven's lullabies and what they must sound like But I will rest in knowing, heaven is your home And it's all you'll ever know…all you'll ever know…

Goodbye to little Cadence Alana...

Here's the press release from Children's Hospital today... On behalf of Ryan and Brianna Morrison, Children’s notes that their daughter, Cadence Alana, died Saturday morning (June 23).

The Morrisons’ other children remain in critical condition in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Children’s in Minneapolis. As released earlier by Children’s, three sons died within a week of their June 10 birth.

Ryan and Brianna issued the following statement:

“Though our difficult time continues, our faith remains strong. Our families, friends, and churches have provided us with great comfort, for which we are deeply grateful. We continue to express our thanks to the staff at Children’s. Please keep us in your prayers.”

No further information is being released, at the request of the parents.

No words can describe this loss. So I won't even try. They need our prayers more then ever. Thank you for your love and support for this family as they grieve the loss of 4 precious kids.

The Morrisons and Adriah!

My husband and I love the Ryan and Brianna dearly and through the process of the sextuplets birth and hospital stay we've come to know the Morrison and Balken family in a deeper way! It has been our pleasure and blessing...and Adriah (our 2 year old) loves the attention!

We were at the Children's hospital today visiting the babies and hanging with the family! Adriah had a blast! The hospital is designed with kids entertainment in mind. Attached to the family resource center they have a huge outside play area.


I took some shots of my over-heated daughter...


"TOOT! TOOT! Chugga, Chugga Big RED Car!"








That's my update on my daughter...

I know most of you who have been following the Morrisons and their babies are wanting to know what's been going on in the past week. Please continue to keep this amazing family in your prayers.

Want to Help the Morrisons?

People continue to check: the Morrison6 website, my blog, WCCO's Morrison page for updates every day. Did you know that they had to change servers 3 times last week to handle to traffic. Your clicks went over a million in the first couple of days after the babies were born! AMAZING! I know the people who check every day genuinely care and want to help. Some have filled out the "how to help" inquiry on WCCO, some have donated money towards the Foundation...others just wait and pray. If you'd like to do something practical and you have kids clothes or equipment you'd like to get rid of, please go to Bethany Church today, Saturday, June 23rd from 10am -2pm ( ) and drop it off for the Morrison Garage Sale Fundraiser.

We will be accepting new and gently used KIDS clothing, BABY equipment, diapers and baby wipes.

Financial Donations:

Morrison Multiples Corporation

c/o Fortune Financials

10261 Yellow Circle Drive

Minneapolis, MN 55343

It's not too late to show your loving support to this precious family. All proceeds of the Garage Sale Fundraiser will go directly to the Morrisons.

Our Thoughts are with the Morrisons!

Every Wednesday I meet with some of the young moms of our church and usually we talk about parenting and pray together. Today was different. Without planning it, today was about moms getting together to talk and process everything that's happened to our friends Brianna and Ryan. Mostly, we just admitted that we don't understand and we have lots of questions. I have had countless conversations with women who are trying and failing to get pregnant. Then, more conversations with people who aren't trying but get pregnant anyway. And now, friends have lost children they desperately wanted to love and watch grow. I don't have answers. I wish I did.

I was talking with a friend today about the need to trust in a plan, believing it's good, but I will never see the whole picture. I decided it's better than believing there isn't a plan at all.

Again, thank you to all the women writing on my blog sharing their stories. I'm amazed by your vulnerability and words of kindness for the Morrisons.

You know what's amazing? I started blogging in March to have an easy way to talk to clients and display pictures.'s become my highlight of every day. I love that my friends read it! And that they're smiling now! I never thought it would would be so important to so many but I'm glad it is.