April Birthday Craziness!

This month is a little crazy Leyton's First Birthday ( I capitalized it caused it's a really important milestone :) and Adriah 4th Bday and Matt's (I don't think he would mind me sharing his age with the world) 37th Bday! I'm glad mine is a month earlier cause then I can have April to plan everyone elses parties! AND I'm sure if we were to have more children they would have April Bday's too! Did you know that both my kids had the same due date? weird eh? So, Leyton is going to have an Easter/Bday party on Sunday. We were already having friends and family over so I figured it was the best way to do it! Second born...you know how that goes.

Adriah's party is next Saturday and it's a "Wonder Pets" theme. I am so excited! This is where my creative juices thrive. If you don't know the Wonder Pets, and I don't know why you would if you didn't have a 3 year old who was scared of most TV shows, they are a turtle, duckling and guinea pig that gets calls from animals in trouble from around the world and they hop in their fly boat and save them. Super cute! So here's what we're doing...yes, I have an outline...don't laugh, have you ever thrown a party for 10 three year olds? An outline is required for sanity purposes!

-Welcome guests

-Have the kids work on Circus Wonder Pets coloring pages...each guest will color, sign and hand in...we'll make it a book for Adriah!

-Rally the kids to the living room...where the "phone" will ring and I will pick 3 kids to put on capes then try and find the troubled (stuffed) animal in our home and free them.

-Back to the kitchen and we're making Wonder Pet paper airplanes OR play with the Wonder Pet paper puppets

-Eat lunch - hotdogs, chips and celery - the Wonder Pets favorite food.

-Back to the living room to open presents

-Eat cake - I'm going to try and do a fondant icing...YIKES!

-Lastly, we'll have a red wagon in the back yard through out the party to give "fly boat" rides to the kids.

-Hand out thank you bags and say good-bye!

It's a crazy two hours but, it's a blast! Adriah loves having people over and LOVES the Wonder Pets so, it should be a big hit! P.S. if you're a mom and needed an idea for your kids party...feel free to use some or all of this party!

Here's some of the things I've learned from toddler parties:

-Write on the invitation one parent and no siblings so that you know exactly how many are coming and the parents can help with crowd control!

-Feel free to give the parents jobs! They are just standing around anyway :)

-When you open gifts have all the kids sitting on the chairs or couches but, have the birthday girl and the person who gave the gift on the floor so you don't have them all on top of each other ripping open the gift.

-Keep things moving. I like planning a ton and only doing each thing for a short time!

For Matt...he's kinda getting the leftovers this year. We're having a sushi dinner...we both love sushi and have recently invested in a nice set to be able to roll and create our own! I love you honey but, 3 weekends of birthdays I'm going to be pooped out! (does anyone use that saying anymore?)

The sun is shining! Spring is here! Easter is just around the corner...love this time of year.


Noemi Hedrick

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