Finding Starbucks on Vacation!

I found a Starbucks with internet access! So here I am away from my living room but still able to write and upload pictures. Do you ever stop and think about how amazing that is? I love technology. I've been playing with my two year daughter at the pool in 80 degree weather all morning. Our nephews love her and keep her entertained all the time. So far, we're all getting along just fine! Aside from her temporary breakdown in needing to where a lifejacket while on a boat! Yikes!

I'm quickly gaining trillions of freckles...and yes, if I keep going at this rate I'll have an amazing tan one day! It's a joke I've heard a thousand times...It'll never happen.

My husband is amazing. So, patient and delights in following our daughter where ever she desires to lead him. They were having a blast in the lazy river today!

Enough talking, I'm going to get back to vacationing.

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Noemi Hedrick

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