I love the "What your favorite picture" game!

Here's a couple I got sent to me yesterday! Hi Noemi,

I love seeing others favorites.

Attached is my favorite. I took it last summer at the lake and I love it because it is so carefree and innocent. Can you tell how cold my niece in the is (redhead in the middle)? She was shivering and had massive goosebumps, but refused to get out of the water.

Thanks for letting me share. See you at Joe & Katie's wedding next weekend.



Noemi Hey! I love reading your blog and looking at all your beautiful pictures. Thought I would send my my favorite picture! This is one that Darrel took of Jadelyn shortly after Liliana was born. She was running away from me and trying to get the camera from Darrel! I love it cause it shows the pure joy of a child! And I love pictures of my girls! :)

Love ya Sarah Ussery


I'll post a few more later today...as fun as this is, I have to get shower and ready!


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