I'm friends with the new Mrs. Minnesota!

Now that's a blog title I never thought I'd write but, one of my good friends Tami Krause was just crowned Mrs. Minnesota International! YEAH TAMI! Check out her gorgeous profile on the website.  She told me last night she's planning on starting a blog...you can follow her all year! She is the sweetest person...I love her so much! Her platform is awesome...the American Heart Association! As a side note, she also won the Mrs. Minnesota National competition a few years ago! I dug up the old profile for your viewing pleasure!

I was on vacation when they had the competition but I would've loved to have been there to cheer her on! As it turns out she didn't need me!

She'll be competing in Chicago for Mrs. International...I can't wait! I'm weird about pageants, cheerleadering and dance...I was never involved in any of it but I love it all! I'm her biggest fan. I'll let you know if she wins!

So, this isn't necessary normal blog material but, because this is going on my life I blog about it!I'm random sometimes :)


Noemi Hedrick

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