Mom FOCUSED Photography Workshop

I am so proud to show you the work of the Mom's who came to the Photography Workshop! They totally captured our families and couple...amazing! I pulled a couple of images from each of their portfolios and I'm so excited to share it with you. (Sorry about the NoemiPhotography stamp on each - it's somehow defaulting to included it and I can't get it off) These are the Workshop Attendee photos...Let's here it for the girls!

Our first family - The Bensons

Seriously, i don't know what they are doing here but, they are the cutest couple EVER!

Oh I love this shot. She is beautiful laughing her heart out!

Our next couple braved the pouring rain...the umbrella came in handy!

I love this couple!

I feel like this shot should be used on her acoustic/folk those lashes!

And our last family...The Forsbergs!

Awesome kid moment.

Thank you to our lovely families - you were such troopers in the nasty rain!

Thank you to my lovely mom's who braved the elements and captured incredible moments! You are all amazing photographers...I can't wait to see what else you capture this summer!

Noemi Hedrick

Noemi Hedrick is a passionate wedding and portrait photographer based in Minneapolis. Noemi loves capturing the beauty inside every person. Her vibrant energy for life, love and family are grounded in her own values and loved ones. Noemi has been proudly serving as a wedding photographer for over 15 years and also offers a wide range of photography workshops for professional and amateur photographers.