Stephanie & Nathan - Aug 22nd, 2009

I loved this family. There are some brides that I know I want to work with...more then that I want to bless them as a couple. I really do fall in love with them and their story. This was one of those couples. They met at school. They were in a play together and had their first kiss on stage! More then anything else, it was their heart for their families, faith in the Lord and love for each other was beautiful.

wedding photography

wedding photography-2

Don't you love her hair?

wedding photography-3

wedding photography-5

wedding photography-4

wedding photography-6

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wedding photography-8

wedding photography-9

wedding photography-10

i wanted to do a "period" image - something out of the 19th century. I love it!

wedding photography-11

wedding photography-12

wedding photography-13

wedding photography-14

I feel like they should break out into song and dance for this next picture..."There ain't nothin' like a dame! Nothin' in the world..."

wedding photography-15

wedding photography-16

I love how busy this picture is...tons of different expressions. It totally makes me laugh!

wedding photography-19

wedding photography-20

wedding photography-21

wedding photography-22

When I said "jump" they really took me seriously!

wedding photography-23

wedding photography-24

wedding photography-25

They took a chance on an outdoor wedding and it was a perfect day for it! Isn't this sight gorgeous? It's a peninsula and water surrounded us!

wedding photography-28

wedding photography-29

wedding photography-30

I feel like this is a still from a movie.

wedding photography-31

Thank you for having me as your photographer...I love being a part of your day!

Noemi Hedrick

Noemi Hedrick is a passionate wedding and portrait photographer based in Minneapolis. Noemi loves capturing the beauty inside every person. Her vibrant energy for life, love and family are grounded in her own values and loved ones. Noemi has been proudly serving as a wedding photographer for over 15 years and also offers a wide range of photography workshops for professional and amateur photographers.