Virginia Creeper Trail - AMAZING!

Yesterday we spent the majority of the day on the Virginia Creeper Trail! Matt and I had never been to Virginia before and this was quite a first! I loved every minute. Sometimes I forget how much I love the outdoors and this was the perfect experience to remind me! We rented bikes from the Virginia Creeper Bike Shop and then we were shuttled 50 minutes up the mountain (with our bikes in tow). Once at the top, all eight of us set off down the 17 mile was amazing. The bike trail used to be the old railroad so you're going over bridges, through the forest, crossing the Appalachian trail, passing other bikers and the whole time you're going downhill...almost effortless! The sites were beautiful.

Here's the crew!


We stopped for lunch at a trail diner about half way down the mountain.


Daddy bought our little girl her two favorite treats: ice cream and pickles. He put both in front of her to see what would happen...she looked back and forth for a few seconds then, confidently went for the pickles! Ice cream followed!


Adriah and Joel! Friends Forever!


You're my brown eyed girl and I love your smile!


Adriah did great! You're always taking a risk with a two year who's never been in bike carrier before! :)


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