Vacation Pictures...gotta love warm weather in November!

I'm needing to get ready for the next wave of holiday pictures so I thought I'd finish up with our family vacation...and share them with you! We went to Ed-Venture for the second time and Adriah found the African Safari exhibit! She was so excited because her Daddy was in Africa at the same time. :) So cute!

family photography-3

Leyton loved this floating bridge...

family photography-2

This next shot is one of my fav's ever...I wish I knew what he was thinking! We were in the Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store for kids and Leyton stopped to watch a little girl pretend to check her food out! I LOVE HIS FACE!family photography

Isn't she beautiful?

family photography-4

Crazy how different my kids eyes are, eh? I wonder what this next little one is going to have!

family photography-5

Adriah is a cautious, careful, clean 4 year old...we went for a walk and she fell face first in the mud! She was horrified until her cousins convinced her it was the funniest thing they'd ever seen!

family photography-6

Gotta love CRAZY HAIR on little boys!

family photography-7

family photography-8

Avery...i miss you!

family photography-9

Leyton loved playing outside with the BIG kids. It's fun to watch him try anything. He played with the skateboard a lot and gave me a couple heart-attacks!

family photography-11

Yes...he is about to fall on a cement driveway...and yes I continued to take pictures. Can you read his shirt? It says "I do all my own stunts!" HOW TRUE! My kids couldn't be more different in this area!

family photography-10

family photography-13

Macie...I miss you too!

family photography-14

Playing basketball with Daddy!family photography-16

family photography-18

family photography-19

Love this next shot cause it looks likes Avery is about to nail her sister with the Basketball!

family photography-20

Joel tried rollerblading for the first time and did amazing!

family photography-22

family photography-17

family photography-21

Well...there's a few of us having fun outside with the Haley's! Soon this blog will be covered with snow pictures so enjoy these while they last!

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